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Face Off Divide & Conquer – Recap & Review – Haunted Objects

Face Off Divide & Conquer
Haunted Objects

Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley – Staff Writer

We’re down to only seven contestants and Twisted Six Effects Studio has only three on its team — two of which started out on the other team. Will T6 ever win an episode?

This week’s challenge was haunted objects. Each contestant had to pick an object and design a character possessed by it, then show the character interacting with the object in the final reveal. Oh, and there’s a twist (when is there not?) – they only had two days to accomplish this. Talk about panic time.

Phil is the only contestant who hadn’t been shop foreman, so it’s a given he’ll head Twisted Six this week. Nelson, who served a foreman the first week, took up the mantle again. Granted, Phil had it easier because he has two very talented artists to work with. Andrew, who won for his rose design last week, was more in his macabre element with a woman haunted by a baby that rode a tricycle. He also helped Phil – a lot – by sculpting and painting a dead baby for his carriage-inspired woman who neglected her child.

At Ethereal Effects Studios, Suzanne bites off a huge amount of work with her haunted clock, showing a woman in half transformation stuck in a giant clockface. It’s a lot of fabrication. Meanwhile Kierstin couldn’t come up with a concept, just an idea for a paint job. Feeling like she has to sculpt something, she made chin and eye pieces at the last moment, realizing that everyone else is doing much more than her.

A guest joined the judging table — actor Cheyenne Jackson. He seemed to know his stuff and gave interesting critiques. Unlike last week, a studio is named the winner and T6 had its first victory. But, the judges said, two worst make ups are from Ethereal Effects and that why the studio lost.

Right away, it was obvious Suzanne and Kierstin were in trouble (and Nelson too as shop foreman of the losing team). The judges liked Kierstin’s paint job but it didn’t help that she admitted that she was void of ideas this week. The judges also noted that Suzanne’s make up was subpar, probably because she spent so much time on fabrication. And so Suzanne packed up her make up kit.

Faina (who had an appliance fail on the chin but still won the judges’ approval), Phil and Andrew come out on top. Since Andrew won last week, I thought Phil would get the win (which would have been a little dubious as Andrew did so much for him), but Andrew prevailed again.

As we get closer to the end, has your favorite made it this far? How long will the team concept last? Who is the next to go? Give us your TwoCents…

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