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Face Off Divide & Conquer – Recap & Review – Four Seasons

Face Off Divide & Conquer
Four Seasons

Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley – Staff Writer

For the record, Twisted Six Shop has never won a challenge. Never. So now that shop has three people while Ethereal Effects four, so it’s time for yet another defector to the losing side. The very talented Andrew is sent over Red Rover. Oh dear, does this mean his demise?

The contestants enter a garden to the strains of Vivaldi where they learn each team has to design the four seasons. Then there’s the twist – each must be able to withstand a dance by choreographer and guest judge Travis Wall (SYTYCD).

Kierstin is named shop foreman of Ethereal Effects and decides that each character is the lord of their season, giving each a royal feeling. KC is the other foreman and she decides that each character will be defined by foliage and a great artist.

There are the normal struggles, but none is more evident than Joseph’s. He has no inspiration and barely gets anything sculpted the first day. Andrew tries to help him the second day, but suggests he do a miniature snowscape complete with two small snow-covered evergreens. In the end, it looks like a cap because Andrew doesn’t paint the face or even highlight the snowflakes he made the first day.

Kierstin also suffers with her beach-inspired summer and weird star fish crown. It just doesn’t really capture the season or read well.

Andrew and KC come out on top (the rule a winning or losing team is eliminated). Andrew’s rose creation feels totally organic and gorgeous. KC’s summer is inspired by Van Gogh’s flowers and is full of amazing colors. It looks as if Andrew is going to win, but the judges go with KC.

But the real shocker is the loser – Joseph. He was a clear favorite in the beginning but had been slipping the last few challenges.

We’ve already lost two really talented contestants – one to breaking the rules and the other to a creative blockage. Who’s next? Who’s the favorite now? Give us your TwoCents…

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