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Face Off: Divide & Conquer — Recap & Review — Friendly Alien Challenge

Face Off: Divide & Conquer
Friendly Alien Challenge

Original Air Date: Aug 8, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

It’s the semifinals! That means that five contestants were be whittled down to three. It didn’t seem possible, especially seeing how well each of those five makeup artists did this week.

This was a fun challenge — a fun and friendly alien. For inspiration, they each picked a suitcase that contained a real recording from space. Andrew went for an alien rocker chic with tentacles. Kiersten created an alien with six eyes and solar powered ears. KC used a snapping turtle as inspiration. Nelson cited a bird inspiration and Laine designed an interstellar salesman.

Faina really struggled, not sure that her salesman was on point. She was the last in the mold room. KC decided to go big, even though Michael Westmore expressed concern it was too busy. Andrew’s forehead dropped a bit and he tried to hide it with his painting.

The judges are joined by the King of Special Effects Makeup, Rick Baker. And the contestants start quaking in their shoes. And rightly so.

The judges were mostly impressed by every make up produced. While they were confused by Faina’s forms, they deemed her design clever and fun. KC’s busy design was given points for the amount of work and fulfilling the challenge. Kiersten’s alien had a blank face, but her top-of-head design was innovative and the paint job was amazing.

Nelson’s green bug-eyed alien came off a bit cartoonish, but the judges called it right on for the challenge. Ve was sad that Andrew didn’t use beauty makeup but called his design well balanced and gorgeous.

Then came the time for the verdict. Kiersten was named the winner. Rounding out the finalists were Andrew and KC (who really got there based on past work, not her busy alien). I agreed with each choice.

And that meant that we said good-bye to Nelson and Faina, two excellent makeup artists. Next week, the finals!

Did you agree with the judges’ choices? Which was your favorite alien? Who do you think will win? Give us your TwoCents…

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