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Face Off All Stars – Recap & Review – Finale: Battle of the Beasts

Face Off All Stars
Finale: Battle of the Beasts

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

I can’t believe it’s the finale – it went too quickly! Luckily, we only have to wait until June 13 for another season. Whew!

So the finalists – Cig, Emily and George – are excited about possibly winning, especially George since he didn’t get to the finale his first try. They’re introduced to Jeff Wolffe, and actor, director and president of the Stuntman’s Association. He will be directing a kung fu movie starring their work.

The challenge? To create two characters who will perform a kung fu fight complete with aerial work. And because kung fu styles copy different animals, their characters need to be the animal-human hybrids. They get to choose three teammates (worker bees) from the last nine eliminated contestants.

Emily gets to choose first and of course she selects Tyler (who I still can’t believe isn’t a finalist), then Adam and Gage. Cig chooses Logan, Evan and Melissa while George gets Ben, Rachael and Keaghlan. That’s seems like A LOT of manpower for two characters over three days, so the level of completion should be pretty high.

Emily decided to make her crane character older with her withered skin pulls back in a bun. Her mantis character’s head shape is inspired by the conical hats from ancient China. The paint job on her mantis was so amazing that it really did glint like a shell. The judges loved her crane, but I don’t think it photographed well. She knows her strength is in painting and that’s what she concentrated on the second day. As the day is staggered so each team gets two hours to film, her team started and finished first. They get worried during filming that the mantiss doesn’t have back up antenna, but turns out they didn’t need them.

Cig also did the older/younger theme. His tiger man is older and Cig put on old age spots in tiger stripes. Amazing. His red dragon was even better, looking very much like the ancient Chinese dragons, complete with ephlets. Very scary and dominating. My favorite thing he did was use the model’s dreadlocks, but spray painted them gold. Genius. His characters become the backbone of the movie. I am a huge Emily fan, but both Cig’s character are out-of-the-ballpark amazing.

George gets eagle and snake, but goes more vulture and lizard. The work is very good, but let’s be frank. It just wasn’t up to the standards of the other two. The judges tried to say good things and in a non-all star finale, he would easily win. But this is the best of the best and it’s obvious who took the crown.

Cig wins. He deserves it – not just for amazing work, but for his wonderful silly heart and the way he really just had fun with everything.

What a great season. But I’m still glad we only have to wait a little over a month for the next season. Did you applaud Cig’s win? Were you scared for anyone’s make up during the fighting? Are you ready for a new season? Give us your TwoCents…

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