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Face Off All- Stars — Recap & Review — Frightening Families

Face Off All-Stars
Frightening Families

Original Air Date: March 21, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley– Sr. Staff Writer

Just as we get into the rhythm this all star season, things get shaken up. After last week’s elimination of Keaghlan and Melissa, we expected a non-stressful non-elimination round. Nope.

As McKenzie explains it, this week the four remaining teams are joining up to create two super teams. But one person, not a team, will be eliminated. And after this episode, it’s everyone for themselves.

This week’s challenge follows the horror film theme of a frightening family in a deserted area giving visitors bad directions in order to waylay them. The four-person team must create three different make ups. When it came time to pick teams, Ben and Evan raced to Cig and George (Team 1), which meant Emily and Tyler were joined by a reluctant Adam and Logan. (Team 2).

Team 2 got to pick a map first and asks Emily to do it. She points to one she wants only to be shocked when Adam ran to the other map. Bad move Adam. Turns out the map Emily wanted led to a circus, which everyone agrees had more potetial to the other, which led to a toxic dump. Remember how Adam had a small breakdown last week? It got worse this week. They agreed to create a nuked family and Adam wasn’t happy with the decision. Finally he proposed the idea to switch models so the little girl is played by a 6 and half foot man. Good decision.

Logan worked on the mother, especially making a creepy cassarole with eyes and teeth. Emily created a subtle face for the girl. The fact that that scuplt and Tyler’s bumps for all three are in a pieces made the switch of models work.

Meanwhile Team 1 moved along fine. Their family included a former strong woman, a pinhead father and boy with hydrocephalic, who serves as a ringmaster. Ben designed the boy and his sculpt and paint job are excellent (although the drool is a nice touch, I didn’t need to see it over and work – thanks cameraman).

The judging panel included Marcus Nispel, director of Friday the 13th, Conan the Barbarian, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Generally, the judges are impressed with the level of the work. One strange moment came when Adam claimed that it was ALL his idea to switch the models. Felt like he was either throwing his teammates under the bus or panicking.

No surprise that Ben takes the win. Adam probably was too hasty to claim the father character as all his own because the judges felt it was too vague on what the ailment was. At least he was gracious in taking the news of his departure.

Who do you think is next to get the axe? Did you think Adam was the right contestant to be cut? What will happen if two former team members go head-to-head? Give us your TwoCents…


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