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Face Off All-Stars – Recap & Review – Gargoyle Guardians

Face Off All-Stars
Gargoyle Guardians

Original Air Date: Apr 17, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley– Sr. Staff Writer

Emily summed up this semifinal episode well: “Either you’re a finalist or you go home.” Or in other words, this is the one where four contestants are narrowed down to three finalists.

And there’s a surprise ahead. Keep reading.

The last non-finale challenge is a fun one — gargoyles. And not just any gargoyles, but those associated with an architectural style. Each contestant chose a drafting paper to see which style they got. Plus, they HAD to create wings. Here’s how it went down:

Tyler got Victorian and created a traditional gargoyle with sharp features and a totally convincing stone paint job. It was beautiful sculpting and the way the cowl and face piece integrated made you think it was one piece. The judges called it cohesive and praised the paint job, but questioned if it was really in the Victorian style.

Emily received the art deco style and decided since birds are frequently used in this style, she’d go with an eagle-man. Michael Westmore felt she leaned too far toward man and not enough bird. That left her with an unfinished sculpt on day one, then a bad mold on day two that led to a rough face piece. But she used an astoundng gold paint job to turn the whole makeup around. The judges felt it wasn’t 100 percent art deco, yet they loved her profile and wings.

Cig’s was excited to receive Russian architecture and he really went literal with the shapes, putting a sphere on his model’s head and each shoulder. His best touch was the checkerboard wings. The judges went crazy over a nose piece that copied a door decoration. The orange face paint gave it a bit of a goblin feel, in my opinion, but doesn’t seem to bother the judges.

George was dismayed to get the deconstructive style, which is mismash architecture that doesn’t appear to follow any rules. He freaked out and realized this is where he was cut last time (he’s the only former nonfinalist). He created a face makeup that looked like plates of steel and his paint job really made it look metal-like. But his choice to make one of the horns gold was “jarring” according to the judges. There were also questions about his hastily constructed wings, which seemed to equally work and not work within the architectural style.

The winner and the loser were both big surprises, although they were all working at such a high level, it was hard to see any real difference. Emily is declared Tops Looks, amazing since she had so many doubts and had help from many of the other contestants. But I have to say, it was my favorite (as is she).

Next into the final three was Cig, then – surprise – George. That meant Tyler was out. I really thought Tyler had a chance to win the whole thing, so color me shocked. But it wasn’t really this make up that got him. Ve noted that all his makeups this season brought the whole face to a point in the center. Ah, repeating yourself, a major sin the judges don’t forgive (and one Emily warned him about last week).

So we have one episode left. Will Emily fall apart without her former teammate Tyler? Will George’s insecurities be his downfall? Will Cig get too cocky? Can’t believe we have to wait a whole week to find out. Give us your TwoCents…

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