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Face Off All-Stars – Recap & Review – Intergalactic Congress

Face Off All-Stars
Intergalactic Congress

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley– Sr. Staff Writer

The rules of this All Star season keep changing. First we had teams of two. Then super teams of four. And this week, Mackenzie smashes that to bits by making the rest of the season an individual challenge. That’s right – there will be only one winner of the All-Star competition.

This bummed out George to no end. Cig is not only his partner in creation, but also one of his closest friends. It takes a full day for him to shake off the disappointment. Meanwhile, Logan has felt like the odd man out since his partner got the boot, so he’s happier that everyone is on their own.

 This week’s challenge is aliens. And not just aliens, but alien delegates to an intergalactic council. Each artist is given a dossier on their alien, complete with name, planet specs and overall mission. I miss that they pick, for better or worse, at random. Ah well.

Emily struggled this week. She tried to make some shoulder plates that break in the mold. She’s overwhelmed by choosing paint colors. Meanwhile, Tyler seemed to be singing “don’t worry, be happy.” (Not really, but that’s his demeanor).

In the judging, two artists are safe. Cig’s alien had no eyes, which is cool, but the judges admit he stopped too short on his paint job. Logan presented an alien with a large cowl cape, but the judges are not happy with the muddy paint job.

In the top are the former team of Tyler and Emily. Yes, Emily pulled it together and came up with something good, although it’s clear from the judges comments that her sculpt isn’t as good as her paint job, which saved the day. Meanwhile, Tyler’s blue and diamond alien had amazing intricacies, actually looked like an elder and easily won the challenge. I guess he had reason to be happy!

That left George and Evan (who lost his partner Ben in the last challenge and is still wearing a shirt with Ben’s face on it) in the bottom. I liked George’s bug-eyed alien, but the judges thought it was too much like a toy alien and not movie ready. Evan’s portly alien was damned by the fact that he glued the face piece on crooked – a rookie mistakes among masters. Once again, it’s easy to see that Evan is going home.

These are such talented artists and it’s hard to see them eliminated on the smallest detail. But they have to pick a winner. Who thinks it will come down to Emily or Tyler? Or will Cig and George bounce back? Is Logan the dark horse? Give us your TwoCents…

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