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Face Off All-Stars – Recap & Review – Odd Couples

Face Off All-Stars
Odd Couples

Original Air Date: March 14, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley– Sr. Staff Writer

Fantasy films are full of odd couples, noted McKenzie, such as Shrek and Donkey or Legolas and Gimli (Lord of the Rings). So teams this week had to create not one, but two makeups this week.

And here’s the twist — the models were wearing oddly contorted fat suits. After they picked a male and female model, the contestants discovered what races they drew.

Gig & George — ogre and dwarf

Tyler & Emily — faun and goblin

Ben & Evan — minotaur and wood elf

Logan & Adam — niaid and orc

Keaghlan & Melissa — fairy and troll

Just to recap last week’s outcomes — Tyler and Emily won, while Keaghlan and Melissa as well as Logan and Adam were in the bottom. That means that Tyler and Emily have immunity, but one team will be eliminated.

Several teams had a few glitches. Emily and Tyler’s cowl and face didn’t match up well. And Adam’s cowl came out in two pieces. I’m a bit worried about Adam, who seems overly frustrated, bordering on angry. I’m scared we might see a melt down in the future.

Three teams did well, but had one of the two characters that didn’t measure up to the second. Ve wanted to take home Emily and Tyler’s faun, but he kind of overshadowed the goblin. The judges gushed over Ben and Evan’s minotaur, but were not pleased with the bee-hived wood elf. Logan and Adam managed to pull of their orc just fine, but the glasses on the niaid and her lack of detail sunk the second make up.

However, the judges went ga-ga over Cig and George’s dwarf and their use of silicon for a truly life-like finish. The ogre hit all the right notes as well. They scored their third win, tying Emily and Tyler. I see a two-team race here!

And that left Melissa and Keaghlan in last place and eliminated. This team never found its’ footing, although if it weren’t a team challenge, Keaghlan would have been the one sent home. Her lavender fairy was flat and uninspired.

Next week, the preview showed an angrier Adam. Will we see a total melt down? Are Logan and Adam next on the chopping block? Aren’t you glad it will be a non-elimination leg? Give us your TwoCents…

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