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Face Off All Stars — Recap & Review — Tiki Twist

Face Off All-Stars
Tiki Twist

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley– Sr. Staff Writer

We’re down to just five artists and the tension is building. Everyone remaining is so good that the smallest mistake can be fatal.

Still, this week’s challenge had a bit of fun in it. Mckenzie has each contestant pick a tiki statue that represented a Polynesian god — then bring that god to life. And there’s a twist (isn’t there always?). Their make up has to withstand the model dancing, which they all do easily.

George got Kanaloa, god of the ocean, and decides to make an old turtle man in silicone with no cowl. It’s quite intricate and Michael Westmore advises him to make it even more detailed. That meant George got behind in his painting and, panicking, realizes he’s the only one left that didn’t make the finals his season.

Logan selected Lono, the god of agriculture and was totally stumped, taking the challenge too literal. He went for a cracked face look with flowers growing out of the jawline. Michael suggested he dump his hokey pineapple cowl and he did, instead adding tattoos at the last moment. His result didn’t look god-like or like anything else. It’s just a mess.

Emily picked Pele, the goddess of fire, but immediately made some bad choices by having the face be a lava flow, which Michael pointed out is tough to do. But the time she got to painting her cowl, she admitted she hated the makeup. Adding red contact lenses made the character impressive, but not goddess-like.

Tyler chose Kune, the god of earth and stone, and sculpted tree branches and stone – a look Emily pointed out that he’s done before. She warned him not to repeat himself, but he did anyway. The result was not unlike a diorama of different eco systems, from a flower-filled forest to a stream flowing through the mountains.

Cig took Ku, the god of war and really used the tiki statue as his inspiration, creating a mean face and cowl that looked carved from wood with skulls incorporated. It’s exactly how you’d imagine this god looking.

The judges were joined by Lois Burwell, who has subbed for Ve before (I love her sweet British accent and frank criticism). They liked the complex detailing of George’s turtle god. But they had a lot of issues with Tyler’s, calling it a miniature water park.  They felt Emily’s work made the model’s head look flat and it lacked elegance, saying she’d gotten lost this week.

The judges went nuts for Cig’s work and rightly so, calling his cowl “wonderful.” “It embodies what we’re looking for with this challenge,” said Glen. Logan didn’t fare as well. They called his work “too timid” and not god-like.

Cig was clearly the winner of the challenge. George and Tyler were declared safe. That left Logan and Emily. If Emily hadn’t won so many challenges, she might have been in real jeopardy, but Logan is just not as talented and was sent to pack his make up kit.

I find it interesting that we’re down to four contestants who started the competition as two teams. They are all so good. Who do you think is the weakest of the four? Is Tyler getting too cocky? Will George or Emily let doubts get in the way? Give us your TwoCents…

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