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Falling Skies– Recap & Review – Sanctuary (Part 1)

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Falling Skies
Sanctuary (Part 1)

Original Air Date: Jul 17, 2011

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Tom the former history professor would probably tell us that the worse thing that can happen to an army is internal fighting, and that’s exactly what begins happening in the first of this two-part episode.

A family comes to Dr. Anne concerned their small son’s cold, but its’ all a ruse as they hold her at gunpoint in attempt to get antibiotics. They’re heading out on their own and need the meds for bargaining. Dr. Anne fights them but they overcome her and escape. But Tom, Hal and Weaver go after them and are surprised to get help from another soldier.

Terry Clayton of the 7th Mass helps them recover the meds, but gives them bad news. Most of the 7th Mass is gone defending their kids and the Skitters are headed toward the 2nd Mass’s home base.

Clayton has a plan — if the Skitters scouts do attack the school, then all the kids should go ahead to a farmhouse where the 7th Mass’s remaining soldiers are. That way the Skitters can’t use the kids as a bargaining ship. Of course, the parents are not happy with this plan, especially Tom. He’s just gotten Ben back and reunited what’s left of his family.

Let’s talk about Ben for a sec. After all he’s gone through and we saw how remote other kids who had their harness removed were, he’s acting totally fine. Hal is a little concerned, saying he’s different, but there’s no glaring difference. When asked about the Skitters, he says, “There weren’t monsters. They were family. I still miss that.” Cue the ominous music… Oh, and others in the camp are showing prejudice against formerly harnessed kids, calling them “razorbacks” (not very creative name).

Young Jimmy wants to be put back on duty and so Weaver lets him join the patrol that night. A Mech kills Jimmy’s watch partner and a Skitter tries to take Jimmy, but Weaver makes a well-timed shot and the baddie is history. (But I loved the Skitter taking a globe and crushing it —— so metaphoric!) Jimmy, however is traumatized and turns to Weaver for support, which surprisingly, Weaver gives him.

Speaking of traumatized, Dr. Anne is struggling as well until Margaret gives her a gun. At first Dr. Anne is revolted, but eventually asks for gun lessons and the women have a fun scene picking off twigs. It’s a nice, light-hearted moment in a rather serious episode.

Ben comes to Tom and endorses Clayton’s plan to move the kids and Hal asks to go along to reestablish his relationship with his brother (seems they argued all the time and Hal has residual guilt about Ben being captured).

At this point, the creepy feeling I had when Clayton first said he wanted to move the kids came back. And I was right. He gets them to the farmhouse, using different directions than he gave Tom and Weaver, and starts handing the kids over to the Skitters — starting with Eli, the little boy who belonged to the family at the beginning of the episode.

And who turned out to be the snitch that told Clayton where to find so many kids? Pope. He’s ba-a-ack!

Do you think Ben is really back to normal? Why is Clayton handing those kids over to the enemy? What is Pope’s ulterior motive this time? Give us your TwoCents…

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