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Family Guy – Recap & Review – Brian & Stewie

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Family Guy
Brian & Stewie

Original Air Date: May 2, 2010

Thomas Nikl – Staff Writer

This episode is starring Brian and Stewie so right off the bat it’s got some major potential! As the story goes, Brian and Stewie get stuck in a bank vault together so they’ll be spending some… quality time together!

Let’s see if Family Guy can rebound from a few week episodes of late! Follow me, readers!

Stewie craps his pants when the bank vault closes and Brian needs to change his diaper. Brian is a little reluctant. And Stewie tries to subtly explain that Brian should lick-clean Stewie’s bottom otherwise he’ll get a rash and the vault will smell all night! And that’s gross. Stewie basically guilts Brian into agreeing. So Brian eats the poop out of Stewie’s diaper. Then eat’s Stewies puke. Then licks Stewie’s bottom clean. And GROSS! Sure hope we get another plot line soon!

Soon Brian starts drinking. And he gives Stewie some. And Stewie is like wasted after a few sips (he is a baby) haha! Drunk Stewie asks Brian to pierce his ear. It really doesn’t go well. Brian basically rips a hole in Stewie’s ear, LOL. This gets Stewie and Brian into a discussion about what it is like to be a dog and living with purpose. Stewie insults Brian. Brian insults Stewie. Soon they see a video camera and Brian hopes someone can see them and rescue them. Then Brian realizes him eating Stewie’s poop is on camera! Eww.

Brian had a gun in his safety deposit vault. Stewie inquires into why Brian has it. Brian admits he has it just in case he wants to commit suicide. That’s odd. Stewie admits that without Brian he’d be lost because Brian is like his only friend. Stewie even confesses that he might kinda sorta almost love Brian. And then the vault door opens.

And unfortunately, this episode wasn’t nearly as funny as I had hoped for. Oh well. Maybe I’ve just been too tired when I’ve watched Family Guy lately. What did you think, readers? Good or bad?

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