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Family Guy – Recap & Review – Brian’s Got A Brand New Bag

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Family Guy
Brian’s Got A Brand New Bag

Original Air Date: Nov. 8, 2009

Farrah Kaye – Associate Staff Writer

Hola again, Family Guy friends. We got lucky this week with two new episodes of Family Guy! First they killed Miley Cyrus, so let’s see what else that crazy Seth MacFarlane is up to.

While the opening credits roll, can I just say how much I love this show? Seriously. It never gets old.

The Quahog video store is going out of business and they are selling DVDs for $1 and everything must go. Adam West runs for The Garbage Pail Kids and Brian goes for Dan in Real Life while Peter goes for Roadhouse. The clerk tries to sell Peter What Dreams May Come but he won’t even take it for free. There’s a hilarious scene with singing DVDs when the clerk puts the DVD back on the shelf. Seriously, how do they come up with this stuff? Peter goes home and immediately watches Roadhouse. When Peter and Brian get in a fight over the movie, he goes all Roadhouse on him and throws him out the window, making a car swerve into what was Cleveland’s house (funny line: “Oh that’s right, Cleveland doesn’t live there anymore.”). This is followed by a few funny scenes with Peter going all “Roadhouse” on everyone. I should’ve taken a shot for every time he said “roadhouse” in this episode. Maybe I’ll go back and do that. Just kidding! While Peter is driving with his feet, they crash into a woman and Brian asks her to dinner.

Brian is going to pick up his date, Nicole, but she ditched Brian and went out with another guy instead. He is having some awkward conversation with Nicole’s mom, Rita, but they wind up going on a date after a few chuckles together. After a few weeks Brian still hasn’t introduced her to the family. Did anyone else know that Brian was in Die Hard? It was pretty funny watching him be digitally put into the movie. Brian has Rita spend the night and tries to sneak her out the next morning but they run into Lois. When Brian asks her what she thinks of Rita, she makes fun of how old she is and the whole family joins in. Brian invites Rita over for dinner to show the family she is no different from anyone else. Everyone is trying to find out how old Rita is and after all the torture, she says she’s 50 and runs out crying. Brian goes to Rita’s to convince her that he doesn’t feel the same way his family does and proposes to her! GASP! She says yes.

OH! A Bon Jovi commercial. That was a nice surprise! Ahem… Sorry.

Brian tells the family and they are trying to be supportive be really can’t be. Stewie’s got some really funny lines about her being old. Pure hilarity. While Brian and Rita are going at it one night, she breaks her hip – of course! Brian stays with Rita and is taking care of her while she recovers from her surgery. When he comes out of the market after buying her some medicine, he sees young girls at the bar across the street and goes in to have some fun. He has sex with one of them in the bathroom at the bar. He tells Rita that cheating on her made him realize how compatible they really are but Rita disagrees and dumps him.

Overall a good episode. Loved some of Stewie’s one-liners. Roadhouse Peter was a tad weird, but then again, it’s Peter so it kind of makes sense. And the reference to Cleveland being gone? Funny stuff! What did you think? Leave your TwoCents below!

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