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Famous In Love – First Impression – Pilot

Famous In Love

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

I. Marlene King is at it again with Famous In Love, the story of Paige Townsen (without the d), a college student who finds herself at an audition for the most anticipated movie adaptation, Locked, and ends up getting the lead role.

What Paige doesn’t know is that she’s about to dive into a world that is far more complex, regarding relationships, than she anticipated and that’s what drives the hour, establishing the complicated relationships and the drama that may come from that.

 It all starts at the top with the producer of the movie, Nina Devon, who seems to be banking on this movie for the studio. Nina’s got her son, Rainer, the co-leading role in the movie but things get complicated when Rainer’s ex-best friend, Jordan, lands a role in the movie as well. Though the hour explains what went down between the pair to cause this rift, something tells me that the final scene in the pilot will no doubt bring up a whole lot more drama. We also get introduced to Alexis and Dakota, starlets who seemingly were in a relationship before presumably, Alexis’ rehab got in the way.

Then there’s also the matter of Paige and her roommate/friend Jake’s budding relationship which is put in doubt by the end of the hour and her other roommate, Cassie, who is most definitely hiding something.

The hour had the requisite soapy drama qualities, introducing each of the characters with their mysterious pasts while also revealing hints at what they are hiding or trying to hide from the press. When compared to the other characters surrounding the main character, it became difficult to be more curious about her story when there were about a dozen others that yielded so many questions.

The pilot had more than enough questions to set up the series including what is Paige’s friend up to? How long before Rainer finds out about Jordan and Nina? What’s up with Alexis?

What did you think of the pilot? Will you be tuning in or binging the rest of the show on the Freeform app?

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