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The Flash – Flash Facts – Finish Line

The Flash
Finish Line

Original Air Date: May 23, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

We last left The Flash with Savitar killing Iris. Tonight we get the aftermath in the season three finale. 

Here are the Flash Facts from tonight’s episode.

  • There’s a twist in Iris’ death as there should be. Iris is actually HR via the face transmogrifier. I don’t think it was a coincidence that it was also used in last week’s episode after an absence. HR used Savitar’s piece of armor to track down a kidnapped Iris and then was able to switch places to be the one taken. His reasoning? HR was the reason Savitar found them on Earth-2, so he had to remedy that and didn’t want to be a coward. 
  • HR’s tearful goodbyes to a very distraught Tracy where he says “I love you” and then whispering a final message for Barry to relay to Cisco. 
  • Savitar has taken the speedforce bazooka and not just on purpose. He doesn’t want Killer Frost to take down Cisco because he needs Cisco to build them something. The something is to turn the bazooka into a splicer so Savitar can be fragmented throughout all time, existing in all hours and minutes and eventually becoming a god. This is all great because Savitar’s discovered Iris isn’t dead and he doesn’t have much time left of existence. Savitar gets Cisco to work on it by threatening to kill Caitlin.
  • The future is back since the news article now reads “Iris West-Allen.”
  • Julian, with help from Caitlin’s mom, has come up with a cure for Killer Frost Cure that will rewrite her meta DNA and bring back Caitlin.
  • Barry and Iris appeal to future Barry’s sense of family and friends saying they can help him and it works to an extent that it gets Future Barry to STAR Labs. Here he realizes he has no place in Barry’s life or future and then blows up the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Harrison talking to Tracy to convince her to stay. Poor Tracy. Just lost a love and then is talked to by his other world counterpart.
  • Cisco finishes the bazooka and Killer Frost goes to kill Cisco, but Gypsy is there to save him. She knows he was in danger because she vibed it across the universe because they are connected. Gotta love how these two banter back and forth.
  • Killer Frost helps Savitar by using the bazooka into the speedforce, but they really should have tested the thing out first right? The new bazooka is not what Savitar wanted Cisco to make it, it’s instead a Speed Force skeleton key. It releases Jay Garrick from the Speed Force prison.
  • The Barrys battle it out as Gypsy and Cisco fight Killer Frost. Cisco instead of killing Killer Frost throws the serum at her and she has to make the choice.
  • Savitar is about to kill Cisco when Killer Frost blasts Savitar. Now Savitar refocuses on hurting his past self, but Barry vibes into Savitar’s body and knocks out future self. Barry doesn’t kill his future self, but instead destroys the uniform and it’s Iris who is the savior, saving Barry from Future Barry. How ironic no?
  • HR memorial is emotional and Iris gives a great eulogy. 
  • HR’s final message to Cisco? That it took strength to do what he did and it was Cisco who gave it to him. Cisco and Wellses always had a connection.
  • Caitlin/Frost is there, too in the shadows of the funeral, but she’s no longer either of them and returns the serum and says she must figure out who she is on her own.
  • Barry delivers the save the dates. And I’m happy about the future Allens, but even the thought is short lived.
  • There appears to be sky earthquakes happening? It’s not earthquakes. It’s the Speed Force being upset. It needs an occupant. The Speed Force is unbalanced. Barry needs to stabilize it and needs to run into it. I guess Jay can’t take another for the team again.
  • Nora appears from the Speed Force (only reiterating how it must be Barry and the fact that it’s all his fault for causing all this in the first place). Barry says it’s his penance and his redemption.
  • The most emotional goodbyes to his team. Barry tells Cisco to not blow it with Gypsy, asks Harrison to stick around awhile longer, gives Wally the new Flash title, tells Joe no son has ever been so loved, and then bids the most tearful goodbye to Iris. He tells her to keep growing and loving. They kid adieu with a kiss.
  • Barry takes Nora’s hand and enters the Speed Force. 

So can it still be called The Flash without the original Flash? Share your thoughts on the finale below!

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