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The Flash – Flash Facts – The Once and Future Flash

The Flash
The Once and Future Flash

Original Air Date: Apr 25, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

The Flash returns tonight with new episodes. Last we left the show, Caitlin had turned into Killer Frost and Barry wanted to run to the future to get more intel on how to save Iris.

This week’s episode picks up where we left off as Barry does indeed head to the future and things aren’t exactly as Barry had hoped they might be.

  • Killer Frost wrecks some havoc on STAR Labs and despite Barry coming in to stop her, she still escapes. Where she goes, we only find out in the close. 
  • Barry has decided that 2024 is the place to run to. With help from Wally, Barry lands into February 3, 2024 and it’s dreary and definitely not the same place he left. Cisco is the first to find Barry and let’s him know the truth. 
  • The team has disbanded and much has happened. Cisco lost his bands to Killer Frost, so no hands, no vibing.
  • Killer Frost banded with Savitar after he gave her the ability to never go back to Caitlin. She knows the true identity of Savitar, but doesn’t give it up. Also, Julian is currently holding Killer Frost in protection.
  • Future Barry has long hair and in much disarray. He tells his younger self to go home and spend as much time with Iris as possible because he can’t save her.
  • Wally went into a rage after Iris’ death and went after Savitar himself. It left his with a shattered spine.
  • Barry didn’t keep his promise to Iris to take care of Joe, so Joe and Barry as very distant. 
  • Last but not least, HR Wells is a best selling romance novelist. 
  • Barry’s stuck in the future (but that’s OK since we know Barry will return to the exact time he left no matter how long he stays) because Cisco missed his friend and wanted him to stay to help get the old team back together.  And that they do. Barry rounds up HR, Julian and Joe to take down the bad guys – in this case, the 2024 version of Top and Mirror Master.
  • The team ends up being added by Future Flash (because two Flashes are always better than one!), who agrees that the renewed team was a good first step and what Iris would have wanted.
  • Future Barry gives his younger self the only information he has that may be of help to save Iris – the name of a physicist – Tracy Brand – who discovered technology to trap Savitar in the speedforce forever. Only thing is she developed it four years after Iris’ death. Future Barry even gives younger self all the info he needs in hopes the younger Tracy makes the discovery earlier.
  • Barry promises to fix Cisco’s’ hands because they are always BFFs.
  • Barry returns to the past and tells the team what he learned, including how Killer Frost allied with Savitar. He also gives Joe the biggest hug. 
  • Episode ends with Killer Frost in the woods and discovered by Savitar. He promises to give her what she needs so Caitlin will never return, to which she questions why she should trust him. That’s when Savitar’s outer shell unfolds and the person inside steps out. Seeing their true identity, Killer Frost asks “What do you need me to do?”

And that was the end. Who is Savitar? Killer Frost said it was a good reveal, but I still have no idea. What did you think of the future? Can the team save Iris? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Episode: I Know Who You Are

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