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The Flash – Flash Facts – “Grodd Lives”

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The Flash
“Grodd Lives”

Original Air Date: May 3, 2015

Ryan O – Associate Editor

Two big things we have been waiting for all season happen in this episode. First, GRODD! Grodd takes on the Flash and it’s a lot of fun. He’s as fearsome and terrifying as a giant gorilla with psychic powers should be. Barry is lucky to escape their showdown.

Second, after what happened last week, Iris confronts Barry about his identity. For Barry, this goes even less well than his meeting with Grodd.

Cool Stuff

  1. Gold shipments are getting robbed! Barry goes to stop one and gets knocked on his keister when he’s overcome by visions and feelings of pure fear. He goes back to the Dr. Wells-less STAR Labs and talks it over with Cisco and Caitlin. When, dun Dun DUN! IRIS walks in and sees Barry as the Flash!
  2. Ice cream truck! Barry helps Joe take down the guy robbing the gold (as Joe was riding shotgun with a gold shipment hidden in an ice cream truck). Turns out, it is General Eiling robbing the gold shipments. Remember, Eiling? The last time we saw him, Dr. Wells turned him over to Grodd, who dragged him deeper into the sewers. The group has a chat with Eiling as they hold him in a cell in the particle accelerator. It quickly becomes clear someone else is operating his brain. Caitlin does some tests and realizes his brain scan looks the same as Grodd’s the last time they tested him before the particle accelerator.
  3. Going on a gorilla hunt! Joe, Barry, and Cisco head into the sewer hunting for Grodd. This seemed like a monumentally bad idea since they already knew that he was capable of enough telepathy to control someone else. Plus, you know, big gorilla. As expected, things don’t go well. Barry suffers from getting levelled by the visions and feelings of fear and Joe gets taken by Grodd. (Now, why didn’t Cisco and Joe suffer from the projection of fear like Barry did? That is a very good question that no one on the episode asks.) Joe offers Grodd a banana. This makes Grodd very angry. Very angry.
  4. Back to the Iris stuff! Iris is angry. Beyond angry. She chewed out Barry for not telling her earlier and then, before Grodd took him, she ripped apart her dad, too. Everyone tells her that they just wanted to keep her safe and that it was for her own good. She tells Barry that because she didn’t know he was the Flash, Eddie is missing, which, I’m simplifying here but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. This whole arc disappoints me a little bit.
  5. Barry vs. Grodd! Cisco whips up a headband that emits magnetic something or other that should shield Barry from Grodd’s psychic attacks. Obviously, they can’t test it because no one they know has telepathic powers, so, good luck, Barry! Caitlin and Cisco, via computer, open steam vents and maneuver Grodd into a long tunnel where Barry can give him the supersonic punch like he gave to Girder way back when. But, Grodd senses Barry coming (it should take Barry about 22 seconds to travel 5 miles, give or take, so there is time to react if you can sense it far enough off) and catches Barry in mid-air and throws him. A pretty great fight ensues where Barry is pretty ineffective against Grodd and ends up getting thrown through a wall. Also, his headband comes off and Grodd psychically attacks him. Oh, and Barry is standing in a subway tunnel now and there’s a train coming. Things seem hopeless until Iris tells him to fight through it and concentrate on her voice. He’s able to avoid getting hit by the train and causes Grodd to get hit by the next one. (Later, we see Grodd climbing a building all King/Donkey Kong, so he lived through getting smashed by a train. Which, yeah, if he could stand up to the supersonic punch Barry threw at him, a train should be no big deal, what with force equal to mass times velocity squared and all.) (Know your basic physics, kids.)
  6. But what about Dr. Wells?! Oh, right. Yes. He has Eddie tied to a chair and taunts him by telling him that Eddie is the only Thawne to be forgotten by history. He also tells Eddie that Iris ends up with Barry. Anyway, he’s tinkering with something the whole episode and at the end he’s finished with it. He climbs up the ladder and into the particle accelerator (no wonder Barry couldn’t find Eddie despite looking in the entire city) and starts to turn it on, saying he has the key.
  7. Best Lines

    “Caitlin good.” “ … thank you … ?” – Grodd, speaking through General Eiling to Caitlin. (She’s good because she was nice to Grodd while he was under STAR Labs’s care.)

    “Grodd. Hate. Banana.” (I mean, come on, Joe. Speciesist much? Just stay away from the stereotypes, dude.) – Grodd on bananas.

    “Did he eat the banana? Did he like King Kong? Or is he more of a Planet of the Apes kind of ape?” – Cisco quizzing Joe about Grodd

    Comic Connections

    Gorilla Grodd — Grodd was introduced in 1959 in The Flash. In the comics, his powers came from a meteor. More recently, he’s the one villain that Wally West truly feared because of Grodd’s combination of power and brutality. (He also doesn’t have any sort of affection for any of the Reverse Flashes.) A good example of the sheer destructive power of Gross is in Flash v.2 (by which I mean, the Wally years) #178. He escapes while being transported and levels five city blocks.

    You might be wondering how Iris found out Barry was the Flash in the comics. Well, as many things were with comics in the 60’s, it’s a bit silly. Barry married Iris and hadn’t told her but, she found out anyway because Barry talks in his sleep. She didn’t tell him that she knew.

    What did you find to be awesome and super in this episode? Did you think anything was bogus? Give us your Two Cents below!

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