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The Flash – Flash Facts – Infantino Street

The Flash
Infantino Street

Original Air Date: May 16, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Iris’ final day is upon Team Flash and it’s no normal day. Everyone on the team has something to do and there are some emotional moments and some intense ones as well. Let’s get to the Flash Facts of what happens in “Infantino Street.”

  • It’s 24 hours before Iris is supposed to die at the hands of Savitar. Iris and Barry have a nice evening, while Iris sneaks in a video message to Barry. 
  • The next morning, Cisco and Barry ask Lyla for a powering device from Argus that will power the speed force bazooka Tracy is developing. Lyla refuses and partly because of the whole baby switch issue with flashpoint.
  • With that Barry decides that he has to steal it from Argus. But no one in their group is a master thief, but Barry knows who is and who can help him…Leonard Snart! Barry goes back in time to find him to help them, convincing Snart because it involves stealing an alien power source from Argus to help his fiance. It’s a Snart kind of mission, so he agrees, but only if Barry follows his rules.
  • Killer Frost and Savitar/Remnant Barry talk when he realizes that Team Flash is trying to steal the power source, but he’s OK with it.
  • Tracy gets introduced to Barry’s identity even though HR tries to hide it. Barry admits that if they are trusting Tracy with their lives, she should know the truth. She’s not terribly surprised about the reveal.
  • Barry asks Joe and Wally to take Iris and hide her where he doesn’t know since if he knows, Savitar knows. They hide Iris in Earth-2 with Harrison.  Here Iris and Joe have an emotional heart to heart. They swap some confession stories. Iris of how she switched rooms with Barry in high school so she could sneak out of window at night past her 8pm curfew and not because Barry didn’t like the noise from the street. Joe tells Iris about how he once went on a booze cruise with their college funds. Father and daughter dance, Joe sings and Iris gives her engagement ring to dad just in case to give back to Barry.
  • Barry is able to get into Argus via the face transmogrifier, but just barely. Snart then gets them past the lock protecting the alien power source, but they are faced with what is guarding it – King Shark. They agree to lower the room’s temperature to slip in to grab the tech while the shark sleeps, but as Barry grabs the device, an alarm sounds and Barry makes it out, but Snart is trapped inside with the shark. Instead of leaving him behind, Barry has Cisco hack into Argus and open the door long enough to get Snart out in once piece. 
  • They aren’t home free as Lyla is there to stop them. But because Barry saved Snart instead of letting him die, Lyl willingly hands over the device. She knows she can’t let them go empty handed with she has the one thing that can save Iris’ life. She knows she would do the same for John. She tells Barry to go do it and to take Snart back to wherever he belongs. Snart’s final words to Barry are to not fight Savitar, but to instead let his goodness be his strength. 
  • HR asking Tracy to officially join Team Flash. She loves it. It’s adorable.
  • It’s HR who gives up the location of Iris on Earth 2 to Remnant Barry. He tells him after he thinks it’s real Barry returning from their mission. So in any case, Savitar would have found out anyway.
  • Wally battles Savitar and is badly hurt. Joe tries to take him out with his bullets and reason with this Barry, but Savitar still takes Iris after threatening to kill Joe.
  • There’s now 53 minutes until Iris is to die. Tracy’s device is ready with the power source.
  • Cisco vibes a moment with Killer Frost and the pair fighting in the forest. The pair battle it out with Killer Frost having the upper hand. 
  • Barry takes the bazooka with him to battle Savitar on the ill-fated Infantino Street. Barry aims it at Savitar as he races around the square and it looks to be working, but then it doesn’t. Seems Barry and team didn’t think that Savitar had an answer to this. He used he Philosopher’s Stone to prevent it from working, the same stone Barry threw into the Speed Force.
  • Episode ends with Savitar going in for the kill, Barry racing to save Iris and Iris falling seemingly dead from the blow in Barry’s arms all the while Iris’ video she recorded earlier plays. The video is her reciting her would be vows. 

What did you think of the penultimate episode? Is Iris really dead? What will happen next week in the season finale? Share your TwoCents below!

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