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The Flash – Flash Facts – I Know Who You Are

The Flash
I Know Who You Are

Original Air Date: May 2, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

This week we finally learn Savitar’s true identity, we meet Dr. Tracy Brand and someone new learns The Flash’s true identity.

No time to waste as we get to the “Flash Facts” of the week for “I Know Who You Are.”

  • Dr. Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek), the woman who in the future figures out how to trap Savitar in the speed force, is currently a grad student at CCU. So Barry, Cisco and HR go to visit her. She’s the opposite of who they expect as Tracy is ready to quit school and is burning her work of ten years because she failed her dissertation. HR seems to be very smitten by her.
  • Killer Frost shows up at the lab to kill Tracy, but Barry saves her. Cisco had a chance, but didn’t take it. Team Flash now realizes that Killer Frost is already working with Savitar. 
  • Tracy is intrigued about the whole experience, but sees it as a fluke and just ready to go home and continue to live her life, even though she was attacked by a meta and was approached by a group interested and knew too much about her research. 
  • Killer Frost/Savitar met that ends with him saying how she may be “killer” but hasn’t actually killed anyone yet and that she has to kill Tracy.
  • HR is sent to follow Tracy and is able to woo her more with his knowledge of her research because he’s being fed the information from Cisco. Tracy finally reveals to HR how she’s studying speedsters and how they leave a streak behind when they run, but that the university wouldn’t fund her research. HR drops info about the speedforce, while continuing to flirt until he realizes his hot drink is now solid. They run out with HR screaming for help when Tracy is attacked by an icicle, but the whole team is there as back up. Barry sets up Cisco to take Killer Frost in, but again he can’t do it. Killer Frost instead takes down Barry, but Savitar says she can’t kill him, so she stabs him in the same leg she hurt last time. Also, where is Wally? 
  • Team Flash take Tracy back to the lab and Iris tells her about Killer Frost, Savitar, etc.. The Flash even shows Tracy the future information from the thumb drive. She has a Nobel Prize! Then they tell Tracy that she needs to build the speedforce trap now or someone important to them will die. Stunned, Tracy leaves the room to process things, with HR in tow to give her a “pep talk,” but he loses her. Luckily, future hologram stalking leads the team to Tracy clearing her head at a statue of Galileo and the quote “Eppur Si Muove” (“And yet it moves”). Second pep talk by HR does the trick though when he says he believes in her.
  • Julian notices how Cisco can’t seem to stop Killer Frost despite having been the chance – twice. Cisco says he’s afraid of killing her and that he rather it be him than her because she’s his best friend. Julian’s there to give a great pep talk that ends with him saying that Cisco shouldn’t worry because his powers come from a place of love. Cheesy, but I’ll take it. 
  • Cecile and Joe. She says “I love you” for the first time and Joe freezes up. It leads to a Barry and Joe heart to heart. Something I’ve totally been missing. Barry wonders if Joe has told Cecile about them, but he hasn’t because he thinks she’s the only “normal” thing in his life. Cecile finally goes to talk to Joe about the awkward day they’ve been having and it ends with Joe saying they should stop seeing each other. Cecile doesn’t take the news well and leaves, but soon returns with Killer Frost holding an icicle to her throat. Killer Frost demands they bring Tracy to her or she’ll kill Cecile.
  • The team bring Tracy to Killer Frost at the designated spot and it seems Frost knows everything that’s about to happen, including what Barry says and that Cisco is hiding in the rafters and everything basically before it happens. She claims it’s because Savitar told her.
  • Finally Cisco comes around to face-off with his friend Caitlin and is able to over power her and knock her out. He gets a sample of her blood (to later analyze) and then Savitar comes speeding in saying is ascension is near and then speeds off with Caitlin.
  • Seeing Savitar and everything is enough to get Tracy to stay and work on finding how to create a trap in the speedforce.
  • Joe and Cecile talk again. Joe says he’s done lying and finally takes off his wedding ring and says he loves her back. With that Joe tells Cecile the whole truth about Barry and Wally and all seems to be good in this coupling.
  • By the way, Wally’s absence is explained. He was visiting Jesse in Earth 3.
  • Barry has a moment of revelation about Savitar’s identity and how he knew every move Barry was going to make…Barry runs out to the middle of no where and tells Savitar that he knows who he is and how he knew everything about him and the people closest to him. That’s because Savitar is Future Flash! 

So what did you think? Are you surprised about the Savitar reveal? I had my suspicions and it wasn’t until Barry was having those flashbacks that I realized Savitar was a version of himself.  Loved the casting of Dudek as Brand. A good balance of quirky and charming. Missed Wally in the episode though. What do you think? Share your TwoCents below!

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