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The Flash – Flash Facts – “Rogue Time”

photo: cw
photo: cw
The Flash
“Rogue Time”

Original Air Date: Mar 24, 2015

Ryan O – Associate Editor

With the time-traveling conclusion to last week’s stunning episode, you had to know that things would be undone. The interesting thing was how that would happen and what repercussions there would be for the changes that were made.

Do things turn out better than they would have if Barry hadn’t gone back in time? Well, mostly but not entirely. Other things go kind of wrong. For one person, it’s much worse this week.

Flash Facts

Barry immediately prevents the problems caused by Weather Wizard last episode by finding him in his apartment and bringing him back to the prison under the particle accelerator despite Dr. Wells begging Barry not to do anything any differently so as to not disturb the timeline. “Time is a very delicate thing, Barry,” says the guy from the 25th century.

Meanwhile, Leonard Snart and Mick Rory are back! You remember them? Captain Cold and Heat Wave. Also, Cold’s sister, Lisa, is with them. They make Cisco build them new weapons, including a gun that turns things into gold, apparently, by kidnapping Cisco’s dillhole of a brother. (A gun that turns things into gold or coats them in gold or whatever the gun does? Isn’t that like super-valuable? I understand that Cold is more interested in the adventure of heists, but, still, something like that could really go a long way toward financing better and more complicated heists.)

Barry takes Iris on a coffee date, trying to recreate what happened last episode. Last episode, it happened organically. But, Barry is trying to force it and it doesn’t happens. She gets annoyed and leaves. Later, Eddie punches Barry and tells him to stay away from Iris. Eventually, it’s Caitlin to the rescue. She explains Barry’s weird behavior is just a side-effect of lightning psychosis, which Iris and Eddie totally buy and let Barry off the hook. Go Caitlin!

Barry breaks up a confrontation between the Snarts and the Santini crime family at the Santini’s casino. (Why would anyone in Central City go to a casino run by a crime family? Because people are dumb, that’s why.)

Barry and Wells talk about Barry’s time traveling. Barry mentions that some day soon, he’s going to go back in time to attempt to save his mother. Wells wonders how many people might die because Barry’s mother lives.

Cold and Cisco have a chat about the identity of the Flash that involves Cold giving Cisco’s brother first-degree frostbite on his hands. Cisco saves his brother and gives up Barry’s identity.

This revelation leads to a showdown between Cold and Barry where Cold says he has Barry’s identity ready to be broadcast to media outlets across the world. Cold says he likes doing what he does and where he does it. Flash tells him not to kill anyone while doing it. They agree to a sort of truce and Barry leaves.

Cisco wants to leave STAR Labs because he told Cold Barry’s identity. Wells brings Cisco down to the containment field, the place where he killed Cisco last week. This week, using much the same language, including how he feels parentally toward Cisco, he gives Cisco a pep talk and gets him to stay.

Oh, and the reporter who was looking into whether Wells killed Simon Stagg? He gets the old vibrating-hand-through-the-chest treatment from Reverse Flash. Can we start calling him Professor Zoom full time now? It’s a much cooler name.

The end scene is Barry telling Joe that he thinks Joe was right about everything regarding Wells.

I do have a minor critique of this episode. Captain Cold and Heat Wave were going to move ahead with their plans regardless. They didn’t hit pause because Weather Wizard was bothering the police. A lot of the things that happened in this episode probably should have also happened last week. And maybe they did and we didn’t see them. Time travel is complicated is the moral of the story.

Comic Connections

Linda says to Barry, when he shows up late for a lunch date, “You get a pass since you’re never late.” This is a reference to the long-running joke in the comics about Barry always being late. Dude wasn’t even on time for his own funeral. Well, he was actually outside of time and space, so that’s not entirely fair.

Lisa Snart — Golden Glider. In the comics, she grew up with her brother, Leonard, and their abusive father. She was an excellent figure skater, which was a natural pairing with someone who could turn anything into ice. In the comics, just as when she meets Cisco, she is blonde, though in the comics, it’s not a wig.

Rogues — In this episode, Barry nicknamed Cold and his criminal colleagues, “Rogues,” which is how they’re known in the comics, too. The agreement that Cold won’t kill anyone is a standard he holds himself and his Rogues to in the comics. The other major rule he enforces: no drugs. In the comics, not every rogue lives up to that one.

What did you find to be awesome and super in this episode? Did you think anything was bogus? Give us your Two Cents below!

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