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The Flash – Flash Facts – Into the Speed Force

The Flash
Into the Speed Force

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

With Wally trapped in the Speed Force, there’s really only one person that can save him and this episode is all about that. Let’s get to the “Flash Facts” of what transpired. 

  • Barry realizes he must go into the Speed Force to save Wally, but with some back up in the form of Julian monitoring his vitals and Cisco using and inter-dimensional tether – Gold Tooth!
  • In this other world, Barry sees a bunch of familiar faces. Eddie tells Barry about how his “choices have consequences” and last time Barry’s choices were against what he said and shows him visions of the life Eddie could have had. After Barry demands to see Wally, he sends the time wraith after him. 
  • Speed Force Ronnie shows Barry what his life could have been – having a baby with Caitlin.  Barry reveals to him that the reason he came was to take Wally’s place. Speed Force not happy, so Black Flash is sent after Barry. We then learn that Barryis the reason Wally is trapped in the Speed Force because Barry changed the responsibility on Wally to save Iris.  To save himself Barry has to use his tether to get rid of Black Flash. 
  • Speed Force Snart appears and tells him that real Snart sacrificed himself because that’s what Barry taught him and now Barry’s running away from his problems. With Speed Force Snart not happy, he goes for the kill, but Jay Garrick saves him. Seems after the tether got broken, Cisco went to Earth-3 to get help. 
  • Wally in the Speed Force means he has to watch his mother’s death on repeat. 
  • Barry’s ready to take Wally’s place but Jay steps in. 
  • Wally and Barry make it home safely using Jay’s helmet.
  • Jesse leaves and goes to Earth-3 to be their speedster. 
  • Jesse Quick decides to find Savitar using the talon the team has and with help from HR, determine that Savitar must have a weakness because why is he wearing armor? They assume that Savitar is actually human!
  • Barry and Iris love each other, but they agree to space as they figure out their next steps. Barry will stay with Cisco and Iris will keep the apartment. 

So what did you think? Happy to have Wally back? Sad Jesse had to leave? What does the future hold? Who is Savitar??

Next Episode: Duet

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