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The Flash – Flash Facts – “The Sound and the Fury”

photo: cw
photo: cw
The Flash
“The Sound and the Fury”

Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2015

Ryan O – Associate Editor

Another great episode! We meet another well-known Rogue: Pied Piper. He works with sound the way Captain Cold works with, well, cold. The Flash and Pied Piper have a couple of great showdowns.

Barry continues to have trust issues with Wells and he isn’t alone. Joe continues to investigate the not-so-good doctor.

Flash Facts

Barry helps to capture Royal Flush Gang with the help of Wells.

Wells is attacked in his home (his home is fantastic, by the way). Windows shatter due to sound — former STAR Labs lead scientist Hartley Rathaway did it.

Hartley then attacks the Rathaway Industries building, which is owned by his grandparents and run by his parents, who didn’t approve when he came out to them. Barry shows up and takes him down pretty quickly and brings him back to STAR Labs but not before he tells Barry that he knows Wells’ secret. Hartley declares himself Pied Piper, which annoys Cisco since he likes to name the villains but he admits it’s a pretty good name.

Wells tells them that Hartley was talking about the fact that Rathaway’s data showed there was a risk the accelerator would explode and Wells ignored it.

Caitlin and Cisco realize that Hartley wanted to get caught. Cisco hits the alarm and rushes down to the cell that was holding Hartley just as Hartley blows the door off with a device that was in his ear (don’t ask). Wells was using that Reverse Flash super-speed to zip down there but stopped part way there and his legs started doing this funky vibrating thing.

Wells announces at a press conference that he had a warning about the accelerator. After that, Hartley says it wasn’t enough and he wants a showdown with Wells and the Flash. Barry zips in and grabs the sonic gloves off of Hartley, which triggers an attack through Barry’s earpieces that’s tuned to Barry’s molecular frequency. It’s going to kill Barry but before it does, Wells sends a signal to surrounding cars via satellite radio so they broadcast a signal that destroys Hartley’s gloves, which saves Barry and knocks Hartley unconscious since he was holding the gloves at the time.

Back in his cell, Hartley tells Cisco he knows what happened to Ronnie Raymond, where he is, and how to save him.

In his bumpy little private room, Wells has the tachyon device from a few episodes ago attached to his front. “Speed Force absorption at 35% and rising.” Wells isn’t holding onto his speed but he’s okay: his end game is in sight.

Meanwhile, Iris is hired by a newspaper on the strength of her blogging about the Flash. She wants to write about other things but her editor wants her to cover the Flash, which disappoints her.

We find out that Joe had Eddie examine Wells’ house after Hartley’s attack there. Eddie didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

Best line:

Cisco, talking about Hartley’s winning personality: “He was mostly a jerk but every once in a while … he could be a dick.”

Easter Eggs

Taking his own photo — This is the first time Barry takes and appears in his own photo. He holds a phone, hits the button, and then superspeeds into the photo.

Royal Flush Gang — This not-at-all effective gang has a playing card theme and has a long history of being used to show some aspect of the hero’s powers. In this, it was the power of the team supporting the Flash. Wells directs Barry on how to corral the gang as each of its three members attempts to escape via motorcycle in different directions.

The Speed Force — This is a big one! This was the first mention of the mythic energy field that speedsters connect to in order to gain super-speed. It’s a big part of Flash mythology that was created in the comics during Wally West’s time as the Flash by writer Mark Waid and used by all of the writers in the 20 years that followed. Among other things, the Speed Force also acts as a Heaven or Valhalla for speedsters.

Pied Piper — Just a quick note about Pied Piper. In the comics, he eventually became an ally of the Flash. He also came out of the closet and was one of the first major characters at DC to do so.

What did you find to be awesome and super in this episode? Did you think anything was bogus? Give us your Two Cents below!

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