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The Flash – Flash Facts – The Wrath of Savitar

The Flash
The Wrath of Savitar

Original Air Date: Mar 7, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

Remember we left off last week with a proposal? Yeah, we get that answer and why Savitar has returned. 

Check below for the this week’s episode’s “Flash Facts.”

  • Barry and Iris are engaged! Everyone’s happy, including Joe, who says all these nice things like Barry is the “best man I know,” when in fact he’s kind of upset Barry didn’t ask his permission first. Barry claims it was a spur of the moment decision and knew Joe would say yes. 
  • Wally, Barry and Jesse are training and Wally’s now fast enough to save Iris from Savitar.
  • Wally begins to hallucinate Savitar again while out in the field and later as his mother. Good thing Wally figures out the latter distinction because it kind of scares Jesse. 
  • Wally, feeling a bit dejected and seeking the truth, asks Cisco to vibe into the future to see exactly what happens so he can better prepare. Cisco gives in and Wally discovers why exactly Barry wanted to marry Iris. In the future, Iris doesn’t have an engagement ring. Barry thought if they were engaged, they may change the future. Iris is not impressed.  
  • Barry and Iris have a heart to heart. It was real and sweet and ended with Iris saying she wants to be Barry’s wife, not someone he’s trying to save for all of eternity.
  • Julian channels Savitar a few times for the team to figure out where he is. Savitar speaks about being imprisoned for a long time. Between that and Iris’ eternity word, it makes Barry think Savitar’s been trapped in the Speed Force. Explains why he’s only able to appear in brief bits because the Speed Force keeps pulling him back in.
  • The Philosopher’s Stone was thrown into the Speed Force, but luckily, not all of it. Caitlin – who may be the “one shall betray you” premonition – kept a piece of it to help get rid of her Killer Frost powers.
  • Wally steals the piece and attempts to lob it into the Speed Force, unaware Savitar is waiting for it. What happens next is Wally making the throw and then getting sucked into the Speed Force to create balance, thus making Wally suffer “a fate much worse than death.”
  • Barry arrives too late to save Wally. Yes, Savitar’s plan was always to lure Kid Flash away from the world so he can’t save Iris. Savitar stabs Barry, but not fatally since he still wants Barry to see Iris die. 
  • By end of the episode, Iris is no longer wearing the ring.

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