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The Flash – Recap & Review – Killer Frost

The Flash
Killer Frost

Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2016

Jules – Managing Editor

This week’s episode picks up where we left off and ends with a reveal and a lot of moving plot points, so let’s not dilly dally on what happened this week.

If you remember from last week, we left off with Wally wrapped in a cocoon and Savitar pinning The Flash to the ceiling. Joe breaks free of Alchemy and he shoots blindly at Savitar as only Barry can see him. Savitar eventually takes The Flash on a run and battle around town, appearing and reappearing all over the city. The team is able to pin point them at the wharf battling. Too far away for them to get to right away, but HR suggests Cisco open a breach to save Barry before it’s too late. Cisco and Caitlin go and Caitlin uses her Killer Frost hands to freeze up Savitar, who eventually breaks out and flees.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin says Wally is alive in his pod but is like a coma patient in there and they shouldn’t break him out, while Cisco tries to recover from his mini-stroke with aspirin and HR tells the group that Savitar is also the name of the Hindu God of motion.

Joe has taken in an Alchemy acolyte and interrogates him when Caitlin arrives saying Wally is awake. Unfortunately for Joe, it’s a lie. Caitlin did it to so she can interrogate the acolyte herself as Killer Frost to find Alchemy. Before she’s caught, she locks police officers inside the room and after Julian spots her leaving, Caitlin takes him hostage. Caitlin uses Julian to do a glorified Google search to find people who have searched for Savitar and Alchemy. He finds two individuals who fit the profile in Central City.

The team is able to pinpoint Caitlin’s whereabouts and Barry goes to save her and Julian before anything worse happens. When he arrives, Barry knocks out Julian so he and Caitlin can have a talk. A lot of revealed here. Seems Caitlin wants to find Alchemy to get rid of her powers. Barry convinces her that they will all help her, but Caitlin retorts all the bad that has happened from Barry’s “help,” from what happened Barry’s mom, Wally, and how Dante was killed because of Flashpoint, depressing a listening in Cisco. Barry tries and saves Caitlin once the police show up, but she stabs him in the leg so he can’t chase her.

Visibly upset, Cisco mopes around Barry at STAR Labs, but agree to still work together. Cisco hacks Julian’s computer and finds the two addresses Caitlin was looking for. HR and Joe go to one and Cisco goes to the other. Caitlin attacks the house that Cisco is watching. She interrogates the man who searched for Alchemy and if he can take powers away. He knows Caitlin’s name and that Alchemy has special plans for her. Intrigue!

Cisco lures Caitlin out to battle her. The Flash arrives and is kissed by Killer Frost, but Cisco is able to take down Caitlin before Barry turns into an icicle and they lock her up in the Pipeline.

Caitlin may seem like a lost cause now, but Iris has a talk with Barry to be strong and be the leader since that’s who he is. While that happens, Joe is convinced he has to cut Wally out of the cocoon and does and now Wally speeding out of sync and runs away. His chemistry is all messed up and only one person can fix him.

So Barry goes to let Caitlin out because Wally needs help and Caitlin calls it a dumb move. In fact, it’s a great move. Barry says that if she wants to leave the room, she’ll have to kill him. She makes an icicle and readies it above his heart. Barry says villains kill their friends because nothing matters. Caitlin holds the icicle, but she can’t do it. Barry is able to convince her that under the Killer Frost is the real Caitlin and indeed she is! Caitlin creates an antidote that should be able to put Wally’s body and mind back in the same motion. Joe finds Wally outside his childhood home and Barry is able to get the antidote into Wally and now he’s officially a speedster.

Julian awakes and Barry goes to talk to him about Caitlin being a meta and to not turn her in. Only on one condition though: that Barry quit from the CCPD. Julian says Barry’s moral compass is broken and he can’t work with someone where friendship is more important than justice. Barry agrees and quits and Julian says nothing to his boss.

In the end tag, Julian hears Savitar’s voice and follows it. Savitar says that only together can they bring his return. Julian is seen returning to his lab to get a familiar mask while Savitar is heard saying “Become my servant once more. Become Alchemy.”

Are you sad that Barry and Cisco’s friendship is tainted forever? And what about the Alchemy reveal? Too obvious? Share your TwoCents below.

Next week: Invasion

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