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FlashForward – Recap & Review – Gimme Some Truth

photo: abc
photo: abc

Gimme Some Truth

Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2009

Caitlin- Senior Reviewer

As with any show like this, FlashForward is interested in getting your heart racing in approximately the first 30 seconds of the episode, and this week is no exception. Mark is talking to Sanford about something apparently confidential. They get into a car with Demetri, and it is immediately slammed into by another one. The passengers in that car aim guns at theirs and seem to blow it up.

Go back 39 hours. The FBI agents are taking lie detector tests about their visions. Later, Mark talks to Aaron, who is helping out with a few things at his home. Demetri talks with a coworker who says Sanford has something he wants to prove. We head over to Sanford, who’s playing basketball with someone apparently with the government who assures him everything will be fine. Janis is at a karate lesson, and takes down a guy who then comes to ask her on a date. She doesn’t like him and has no interest. At work, she is brought a zip drive full of information on Somalia to start investigating. Sanford and Demetri are at a presidential press conference. The President shows up, and Sanford watches him cautiously

The President continues to speak, but avoids answering questions about his flash forward- which turns out to be him getting informed simply that “something has happened”. Back at the Benford household, Olivia expresses her concerns about Mark to Aaron. They get to the root of the problem pretty quickly- she’s worried he’s going to start drinking. Aaron tells her she can trust Mark completely. After the conference, Sanford sits in the Oval Office, talking to the most powerful man in the world. He wants to make Sanford the Director of Homeland Security. Sanford is understandably overwhelmed, and the President tells him to think about it.

Later, Janis goes on a date- with a woman named Maya who is also the chef of the restaurant they’re eating at. They flirt and then kiss. Apparently the date is going well. At a hearing where various agencies report their thoughts on the blackout, we learn, among other things, that the head of the CIA is crazy. Senator Clemente, the head of the board, comes out to chat with Sanford. Apparently they’ve had issues in the past. This does not bode well for Sanford, as she saw herself as President in the future. When he makes his own report to her, it’s met with much criticism. The committee decides to call Mark to the stand.

Janis and Maya are up in the morning. She has to leave, but tells Maya to stay, and promises they’ll meet up later at a friend of Maya’s gallery. Mark, meanwhile, is being questioned with increasing scrutiny. It becomes clear that his answers are not going over well. At work, Janis ignores questions of her own about her date. Her coworkers don’t seem to realize she’s a lesbian, but thankfully she’s spared any comments when they discover something interesting.

Clemente continues to tear apart Mark’s testimony and his flash forward. He’s trying desperately to avoid revealing the fact he was drinking. As things get more and more vicious, Sanford storms out. When everything is over, he, Mark, and Demetri all head out of the building, discouraged. However, Janis has news for them. Random buildings appearing mysteriously in Somalia just around the time of the possible blackout. Later, Sanford calls her individually and tells her he has something for her to do. We don’t find out what this is, but Janis meets up with Maya, who has found out that she’ll be pregnant. Maya tries to be supportive and open-minded, but the news causes Janis to get nervous and walk away. Sanford deals with own relationships by going to a woman named Renee’s house, and greeting her son warmly.

It’s becoming clear fast that the President and Sanford are old friends. However, Sanford has a picture of the President with a woman who appears to be Renee. He offers to destroy it if the President will call Clemente off. When he leaves, the President makes a phone call. At a bar, Mark and Demetri talk. When Demetri heads off to do karaoke, Sanford comes in and confronts Mark about struggling on the witness stand. They walk away, things get heated, and Mark finally ends up admitting that he was drinking. Sanford is thunderstruck by this, considering he threw everything out there because of what Mark saw- and because he got the funding they needed.

As she’s about to go to bed, Olivia gets a mysterious text message telling her Mark was drinking in his flash forward. Sanford and Mark, apparently back on good terms now, walk down the street, though Sanford forbids Mark from telling anyone this tidbit of information. They also find out that the President has selected Clemente to his new Vice President. (The last VP died in the blackout.) And then, abruptly, we’re in the opening scene. As the men’s car gets blown up, Janis is attacked and shot. However, these people are apparently superhuman. She shoots her attacker as she falls to the ground and they emerge from the wreckage unharmed and return fire at their own attackers until they drive them away. However, made of steel or not, Janis is still left bleeding on the ground as the episode ends.

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