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Friday Night Lights – Recap & Review – Keep Looking

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Friday Night Lights
Keep Looking

Original Air Date: May 6, 2011

Lauren A. – TwoCents Reviewer

This week, a new character makes his way to Dillon, Becky finds a home, Vince tries to send his dad packing, and Coach Taylor and his crew take their comedy show on the road. Well, maybe that last bit isn’t true, but it should be.

High stress and hilarity ensue – just another week in Dillon, Texas.

Buddy Jr. is in town, and he packed his bags with nothing but attitude. Because he’s a typical teen, Junior tends to alternate between complaining about life in California and dogging Buddy Sr.’s life in Dillon. Junior doesn’t seem too interested in much more than alcohol and Tami’s tight top, and is quick to put down everything that is East Dillon, almost as quick as he is to steal Buddy’s car. Buddy is seriously one of the best characters on this show (it’s a long list, I know), and tries as hard as he can to get through to Junior, of course making him try out for the football team in the process.

Things may be on the mend between Vince and his dad, but that doesn’t mean Vince is ready for the two men in his life to meet. Coach catches a glimpse of Ornette at practice, and Vince clams up. Meanwhile, Vince’s mom is really warming up to the idea of having Ornette back. While she and Ornette rekindle their romance, Vince takes a few steps back. He’s not quite ready to play happy family, and he makes Ornette promise that he won’t let Regina ever turn back to drugs.

Jess proves she can handle herself in the field house, but Vince still isn’t happy about his girlfriend sharing space with his teammates. Those two are just adorable. As is Coach when he asks the arguing love birds to reign it in and get on with the game.  Jess also proves her worth on the field – she gives Billy a coaching tip that earns him a few high fives in the coaches meeting.

Becky is excited to plan the school dance, and invites a group of girls over for a meeting. Mindy, who’s busy sweating it to the oldies, is less than thrilled about Becks making herself at home in, well, Mindy’s home. Becky’s dad calls to say he’s coming home, and demands that Becks returns to her stepmonster’s house the next day. When Mindy comes home upset about her bombed return to the strip club, Becks says just the right thing to console her hostess and earn herself a ride back to the stepmonster’s. Mindy steps in to defend Becky against her drunk and abusive father and stepmonster and, out of some combination of pity and honest concern, Mindy offers Becks a permanent home. I always thought Mindy was a pretty useless character before this season, but Stacey Oristano is rocking in season 5.

Luke, who’s riding high now that TMU is courting him with primo game tickets, is straightforward with Becks at the dance – he’s coming for her, and she’s all smiles. Things are getting better in Becky’s world. Things are looking good for Vince, too. At TMU, the head coach pulls Vince into a room full of coaches and recruiters who stand up, ready to woo Dillon’s “Superman”.

Tami had her hands full with the Rally Girls last week, and this week it’s Epic who’s keeping Mrs. Coach on her toes. When Epic gets suspended for fighting during tutoring, Tami takes up her torch and tries to recruit more allies in her battle against minimum expectations by volunteering to chaperone the school dance. When Epic tries to get into the dance, she and Tami have a little altercation. Tami’s not sure she wants to relegate Epic to the “demon from hell” category, but she’s struggling with this “epic” challenge (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Speaking of struggling, after an awkward campus run-in, Derek asks Julie out… and she turns him down. Neither of them seem very happy about it, so Julie gets drunk (again, sheesh) and knocks on Derek’s door later that night. He kisses her, pulls her inside, and shuts the door behind them.

And now, a few excerpts from The East Dillon Comedy Hour, featuring Coach Taylor & Co.:

 “She scares me, is what she does. Next time you want to bring intrigue and romance into my world, do me a favor and don’t.” – Coach to Tami, on Jess being equipment manager

“What kind of name is Epic? Sounds like something someone comes up with when they’re drunk.” –Coach

“Well nature already has meat. It’s called a cow.” – Buddy to Junior, discussing a wheat gluten referred to as “nature’s meat”

“I swear to God, if you ever bump into her in the shower, I’ll stab you in the face.” – Mindy to Billy, on Becky moving in

I thought this episode had a great comedic balance that we’ve been missing this season. What did you think? Leave your TwoCents below!

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