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Fringe – Recap & Review – Jacksonville

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Original Air Date: Feb 4, 2010

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

Well look at that. They guys in the graphic design department at Fox screwed up the floatie letters. Manhattan has 2 Ts, guys! Right? Right… oh wait a minute… here comes a big earthquake! And it looks like that poor late-working office guy got splinched while trying to disapperate (sorry, my Harry Potter is showing). What the heck is going on here?

Fringe Division shows up to the office building in question which is full of dead bodies. Not only dead, but did you see that episode of The X-Files where people reassembled into boulders and stuff? Yeah. Gross. These people also have extra body parts. Fringe-y. They find one survivor and ascertain that this building (including the people inside) is from the Other Side (in the survivor’s memory, the World Trade Center is still standing – just like in William Bell’s reality), thus, the weird spelling of “Manhatan.” William warned Olivia that this kind of thing would happen; that Newton (Mr. Decapitation) would try to open a door to the Other Side… and when two objects try to occupy the same space at the same time: bad mojo.

At the lab, Walter figured out what Newton did… and what will happen next. The universe seeks balance. Since a building form the Other Side appeared here, the laws of physics demand an exchange. He estimates that within the next 35 hours, a building from here will be sucked into the Other Side, killing everyone just like those poor splinched people from the opener. The problem? NYC is chock full of buildings. If only there were a way to tell which building it is… Hey – remember when William and Walter experimented on Olivia when she was a little girl? Yeah, she has the ability to see things that don’t belong in this plane. But they need to go to Jacksonville (where the experiments took place) to jump-start that ability.

Freaky visit to Florida later, Olivia realizes that (1) she doesn’t have the ability anymore because (2) she is not afraid of anything anymore. Meanwhile, the FBI and Massive Dynamic join forces to predict the location of the physics quid-pro-quo (listening for barking dogs, watching for tremors, searching for buildings with the exact same mass, etc.) They narrow the field to just short of 200 buildings. Olivia feels like she failed. It’s all her fault because she can’t tap her ability anymore (and she couldn’t kill Newton in the first place). She goes to Peter for comfort and … holy cow, are they gonna kiss?!? Just before it happens, Olivia realizes that she DOES have fear; the ability should work. She rushes to the rooftop and sees a building off in the distance glimmering. It’s becoming part of the Other Side. The troops are called in, the building is evacuated, and Olivia saves the day (if not the building that leaves a huge rectangular hole in Manhattan.

So the world is safe and peter and Olivia decide to go out for drinks. But when she shows up at the Bishop home, Peter, like the building, is shimmering. She knows. Peter is not from this dimension. Walter requests simply “Please don’t tell him.” Oh, boy.

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