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Game of Thrones – Westerosi Roundup – Eastwatch

Game of Thrones

Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2017

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

Tonight’s episode proved to be less action-packed than the previous few, but remained important in setting up a possible armistice between the warring houses of Westeros in order to unite and fight against the Night King and his walkers.

The Reach

The episode starts with the answer to the question at the end of last week’s episode. Does Jaime Lannister survive? In the beginning of last week’s episode, Ser Jaime had said to Bronn that “the more you own, the more it weighs you down.” At the end of the episode, we were left wondering whether Jaime would be weighed down and drowned by his heavy armor. It turns out that Jaime would survive, thanks again to our hero Ser Bronn. Jaime had tried to be the hero, ending the war by killing Daenerys.

Bronn and Jaime also somehow manage to emerge from the river in a spot very far away from where the battle took place. Jaime can see the burning fields where his army lies in ruins.

Meanwhile, there are several dozen or so Lannister/Tarly troops who have survived the battle. Daenerys demands that the surviving troops kneel and pledge allegiance to her. Otherwise, they will be killed. It seems like roughly a half and half breakdown between those that kneel and those that do not. Daenerys calls forth Randyll Tarly. Lord Tarly refuses to kneel. He already has a queen. Daenerys says she respects that Lord Tarly will not trade his honor for his life. However, she will still execute him. Dickon Tarly steps forward and says she will have to kill him as well. An angry Randyll tries to order his son not to follow his path. Tyrion also tries to strongly convince Dickon to not let his family/house go extinct. (Tyrion doesn’t know about Sam Tarly, I guess.)

Next, Tyrion tries to convince Daenerys not to execute the Tarlys. However, Daenerys sentences both to death and they are incinerated by Drogon. Seeing this, the remaining Lannister/Tarly troops kneel. Tyrion seems disturbed.

Bran and Sam

Bran wargs into a flock of ravens. Flying somewhere north of the wall, he can see the Night King and a large army of walkers marching southward. Bran sends raven messages.

At the Citadel, Sam overhears a group of elder maesters discuss a message from a crippled boy who hears voices from magical birds that an army of zombies is approaching. Sam says that the crippled boy is Brandon Stark, who somehow survived while north of the wall. Sam thinks the Maesters should take the message seriously and warn the population at large that the walkers are real and the the lords of Westeros should send troops to the Wall to defend the realm. The Archmaester dismisses Sam’s suggestion, saying the message might be a ruse by the Dragon Queen to draw all Westeros’ troops to the north as her troops take over the seven kingdoms. That’s actually an interesting hypothesis, if we didn’t know it wasn’t true.

Gilly mentions offhand to Sam that Prince Rhaegar was granted an annulment and then remarried the same day to someone else in Dorne. Looks like another tiny piece to the puzzle of Jon Snow’s parentage. Sam decides to leave the Citadel. As a departing gift for himself, he steals a few of the Citadel’s scrolls.


Daenerys flies atop Drogon and returns to Dragonstone from her battle at the Reach. Drogon lands and as he approaches Jon Snow, Jon doesn’t fear the dragon. Instead, he reaches out with a hand and touches Drogon’s face, as if he were touching the face of a puppy. I had hoped that maybe Drogon could somehow indicate that he sensed that Jon Snow was part Targaryen. Maybe in some later episode.

Ser Jorah reunites with his Khaleesi.

Varys chats with Tyrion and expresses disapproval of Daenerys’ decision of burn the Tarlys alive. Tyrion’s defense is that he isn’t the final decisionmaker, it is Daenery’s call. Varys recalls his time as an advisor to the “Mad King” Aerys II, when he often witnessed the king burn his victims alive. He would say it wasn’t him doing the deed. Varys tries to get Tyrion to take a stronger tone with Daenerys to block possibly immoral actions.

Jon Snow receives a message and is surprised (also annoyed) to learn that Arya Stark and Bran Stark are both still alive when he thought they were dead. Jon has a meeting in the Dragonstone Strategy/Map Room with Davos, Tyrion, and Daenerys. (pictured above) The brain trust comes up with the idea that if they can convince Cersei that the Night King is real, then they can stop fighting each other and concentrate on defending the Wall. Tyrion thinks he can convince Jaime, who in turn can convince Cersei. Davos can smuggle Tyrion in.

How will they convince Cersei? They will capture a wight and present it to her. Jorah volunteers for the mission. Jon Snow says he will lead it. Davos objects, since Jon is too important for this. However, Jon is the only one of them who has actually battled the wights. He will lead the mission.


A couple of the Northern Lords seem to suggest they shouldn’t have declared allegiance to Jon Snow and should have pledged allegiance to Sansa Stark instead. Sansa declares that Jon Snow will remain the King in the North.

In private, Arya and Sansa have an argument. Arya feels that Sansa should have punished the two lords who openly criticized Jon Snow. Perhaps even beheaded them. Sansa says she is being diplomatic. House Stark needs to keep the northern lords loyal. Ayra sees this as a play to keep the lords loyal to Sansa.

King’s Landing

Jaime returns to King’s Landing and reports that Daenerys’ one dragon destroyed a thousand wagons. He also reveals to Cersei that Olenna admitted to killing Joffrey. Cersei doesn’t completely believe it at first but Jaime convinces her. Although Jaime tries to convince Cersei that the dragons will destroy King’s Landing, Cersei is adamant. She would rather fight and die than submit and die.

Davos smuggles Tyrion into King’s Landing.

Bronn tricks Jaime into a secret meeting with Tyrion. Although Jaime remains angry at Tyrion for killing their father. Tyrion relays Daenerys request that they call a truce.

In Fleabottom, Davos finds Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son. Davos wants to save Gendry from King’s Landing. However, Gendry decides to join Jon in his mission beyond the wall.

Cersei’s spies have informed her of Jaime and Tyrion’s meeting. Jaime relays Denerys’ suggestion of an armistice. Although Cersei doesn’t quite understand why Daenerys would want such a thing, Cersei surprisingly agrees. Cersei wants to play the game in a “clever” way, the way their father would.

In another surprise, Cersei also reveals that she is pregnant. Who will she say is the father? She will tell the people that Jaime is the father. The people will not be happy with that. However, Cersei repeats one of their father’s advice: Lions are not concerned with the opinions of sheep.


Before leaving for Eastwatch, Jon and Daenerys share a moment. Jon tells her that if he doesn’t return, at least she won’t have to deal with the King in the North anymore. Though, Daenerys says she has grown used to him.

When Jon reaches Eastwatch, Tormund asks how many men Jon brought with him. It appears only two. Jon asks for some help from the Wildlings. Tormund reveals that they have a few people in the castle’s dungeon who also intend to go north of the wall. It is the Hound, Beric, and Thoros. Gendry recognizes the Brotherhood without Banners, who tried to sell him to the Red Witch to burn as a sacrifice to the Lord of Light.

Jon decides that they are all on the same side. They are the living. Jon and six others (Jorah, Tormund, Gendry, the Hound, Thoros, and Beric) head out of Eastwatch and go north of the Wall. Why not take more men?

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