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Game of Thrones – Westerosi Roundup – The Queen’s Justice

Game of Thrones
The Queen’s Justice

Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2017

Vincent Chia – Staff Writer

Even as a fan of Jaime Lannister, I must admit that even I am surprised at how wildly successful House Lannister has been lately. While anything can still happen, they scored a second huge victory in the game.


King Jon, Ser Davos, and a few Northern soldiers land at the beach of Dragonstone. (pictured above) They are greeted by Lord Tyrion and Missandei. The group head on up to Dragonstone’s throne room, where Missandei introduces Daenerys with all of her titles. Mother of Dragons. Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea. Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. Perhaps a few more. Jon coughs and allows Ser Davos to introduce him. “This is Jon Snow,” says Davos, in a short introduction. I couldn’t help but laugh. Oh, and he’s King of the North, Davos soon adds, but almost as an afterthought.

When Daenerys addresses Jon as a “lord,” Davos corrects her. Jon is a King. The two sides verbally spar over whether Jon will pledge his allegiance to Daenerys. He. Will. Not. Bravo, Jon. Predictably, Daenerys is insulted. Jon explains that there is no time for the various factions of Westeros to squabble. Daenerys insists that she was born to rule over the Seven Kingdoms. Jon says that if they don’t deal with the Night King, Daenerys will be ruling over a graveyard. This was similar to the queen of ashes line Tyrion said last episode.

Daenerys declares that the North is in open rebellion. Before she can threaten to perhaps behead King Jon, one of Daenerys’ advisors interrupt with grave news. Jon and Davos are escorted to their quarters while Daenerys gets a military after action report.

Daenerys is informed of Yara Greyjoy’s defeat at the hands of Euron Greyjoy.

Later, Tyrion finds Jon staring into the ocean. Jon is brooding about being a prisoner at Dragonstone. Tyrion is brooding about his failure to predict Euron Greyjoy’s attack. Tyrion tells Jon that it is not a reasonable request to ask Daenerys to send her troops to the North to fight an enemy she hasn’t seen on the word of a man she doesn’t know. However, Jon should feel free to come up with a more reasonable request. It is likely Tyrion decides to put words in Jon’s mouth.

Tyrion approaches Daenerys and suggests that she allow Jon to have the dragonglass obsidian at Dragonstone. Although Tyrion would like to believe that Jon is wrong about the Walkers, a wise man once said that you shouldn’t believe something just because you want to believe it.

Daenerys approaches Jon and tells him she will allow his men to mine dragonglass and forge weapons from the dragonglass. Her men will assist. Might this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

King’s Landing

Euron Greyjoy rides atop a horse through adoring crowds while dragging a captured Yara Greyjoy and Ellaria Sand behind him. The crowds cheer Euron and thow garbage at the prisoners. Euron rides his horse into the Iron Throne room and presents his gifts to Queen Cersei. His gift is Justice. The Queen’s Justice. Justice for the Queen’s innocent murdered daughter. Euron enjoys the crowds applause. Euron also casually taunts Jaime wondering the things Cersei likes when making love.

In the dungeons, Cersei toys a little bit with Ellaria Sand. Cersei thinks out loud of the various ways in which she can kill Tyene Sand as revenge for Ellaria killing Myrcella. In the end, Cersei kisses Tyene with poison the same way Ellaria kisses Myrcella. It is a tit for tat revenge, though I am still uneasy with punishing children for their parent’s crimes. I also have this feeling that this will be something like a James Bond scene where a villain keeps Bond alive in order to taunt him and lo and behold, Bond escapes. We all know you must finish off your opponent as soon as possible. If either of the Sands survive, it will be because of Cersei’s own recklessness.

Cersei kisses Jaime. Exacting revenge gets one’s motor running. At first, Jaime turns away. However, they soon engage in… intimate relations.

Lady Sansa is seen making executive decisions regarding food supplies and other supplies for the upcoming winter. Littlefinger tells her that command suits her. Bran arrives at the castle gates and he and Sansa hug. The two of them chat at a nearby weirwood tree. Sansa tells Bran that he is now Lord of Winterfell, probably even surpassing Jon Snow since Bran is a trueborn son. Bran says he can’t be Lord of Winterfell since he is the three-eyed rave. Sansa doesn’t understand what that is. I am also not sure why Bran cannnot be both simultaneously. However, it appears Jon Snow will remain King of the North in title and Sansa will remain Lady of Winterfell, ruling in Jon’s name.

The Citadel
The Archmaester is surprised that Jorah Mormont appears to be cured of greyscale. Jorah is released and he plans to reunite with his Khaleesi. At first, it appears that Sam will be punished. But then, it appears that the Archmaester is impressed. How did Sam cure Jorah? Sam says all he did was read some books and follow the instructions. The Archmaester says Sam should be proud of himself. His reward is to not be expelled from the Citadel. Sam is then tasked to copy old rotting scrolls to new scrolls before the information is lost. Although implied as a punishment, I have a feeling that it is actually a reward. Or, at least a “wax-on, wax-off” covert way of teaching Sam valuable information.

Casterly Rock
Greyworm and his Unsullied soldiers attack Casterly Rock. The Castle itself is said to be impregnable. However, as luck would have it, Tyrion was in charge of designing the castle’s sewer systems. In a scene reminiscent of the 90s action movie “The Rock,” Greyworm and a small team of soldiers sneaks into the castle through the sewer system and then open the gates to allow the rest of the troops to easily conquer Casterly Rock. It seems like quite the victory for our little Lord Tyrion.

However… Greyworm soon notices that there were way way less Lannister soldiers than anticipated. Where was the rest of the army? Greyworm also watches as Euron Greyjoy sets afire the Targaryen fleet. We soon see a massive red-cloaked Lannister army marching toward…

Ser Jaime rides on horseback together with Ser Bronn and Lord Randyll Tarly at his side. The Lannister army easily destroys the Tyrells. Jaime has a chat with Lady Olenna. Jaime had somehow learned of the plan to sack Casterly Rock and took the opportunity to take Highgarden instead. Casterly Rock wasn’t worth much anymore. It is out of gold. The poor skeleton force at Casterly Rock were pawn sacrifices. Olenna tells Jaime that Cersei is a true monster. When Jaime defends Cersei, Olenna is surprised to see that Jaime truly loves her.

Cersei had discussed a few very dramatic ways to execute Olenna, but Jaime is much more merciful and pours a small vial of poison into Olenna’s wine cup. She drinks it and also admits that she is the one who poisoned Joffrey’s wine cup. Olenna wants Cersei to know it was her. Jaime seems a little bit taken aback. Perhaps now he has a reason to give Tyrion a break. Though, I don’t suppose Jaime ever truly beleived Tyrion was Joffrey’s murderer.

So, we end this week’s episode in a similar fashion to last week’s. A strong victory for House Lannister. Last week, some asked whether Yara Greyjoy was incompetent or Euron Greyjoy was simply a masterful sea captain. This week, we might similarly ask whether Tyrion Lannister is a poor general or perhaps the Cersei/Jaime/Euron combo were just masterful strategists. The whole sneaking through the sewers thing seemed pretty masterful. Though, I suppose Jaime and Cersei would have also known that Tyrion would know of a secret way in. Hmm…. I want to give Tyrion the benefit of the doubt here and say that while his plans were great, he was simply outfoxed.

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