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General Hospital – Recap & Review – Wedding Bells and Blackouts

General Hospital

Original Air Date: Aug 29-Sep 2, 2016

Karen Belgrad – Social Media Editor

First off, a shout-out to the amazing General Hospital supporting character of the week… Franco’s squeaky chair. As he sat by Elizabeth’s bedside, the constant chair noise, completely befitting the slightly off-kilter-former-killer, made his presence known to all in attendance.

For this week, let’s break it down into three main stories… the serial killer reveal, Elizabeth vs Hayden, and finally the wedding. Sure there were other odds and ends, which will be mentioned at the end, but let’s take some time to discuss the three aforementioned topics.

The General Hospital Serial Killer: First off, besides the attack on Lucas which had been meant for Bobbie, the only victim viewers actually knew was Dr. Mayes. And since Dr. Mayes was basically an arrogant foil with no ties to the rest of the characters, most of us were fairly “meh” at his offing. And now the killer is revealed as… Paul Hornsby and viewers are either saying “meh” or “WTF?”

If we rewind back to before Paul was retconned to be working to bring down gun runners, we can recall that he did shoot Sonny (before it was retconned to be Carlos). And while Paul has been a blackmailing and scheming sonofabitch, these murders seem very random and lacking of a motive. It’s presumable to think it has something to do with Paul’s unseen daughter, Susan, but what is a complete mystery.

For now, we’re suddenly privy to scenes of Paul skulking around the hospital, wearing latex gloves, holding a syringe of death. And after Ava is brought into the PCPD to use her artistic knowledge to take a look at the cufflink imagery, it takes her only a few minutes to recall Paul fastening his cuffs after one of their trysts. Ava searches Paul’s hotel room and stumbles across his supply of Derisifol. Instead of going to the police and preventing additional murders, Ava opts to blackmail Paul… her silence in return for Julian’s freedom.

Sibling Rivalry: It is confirmed, first by Heather, then Naomi, that Elizabeth and Hayden are indeed half-sisters. Franco is set to reveal the truth, but a little case of attempted murder gets in the way. Hayden and Elizabeth, their history, and a bag of ill-gained diamonds do not set the stage for a happy family reunion. First the unknown sisters argue over the diamonds and Elizabeth delights in taunting Hayden about ending up in prison with her (not actual) father. Hayden responds with a swift slap across Elizabeth’s face. This, of course, increases Elizabeth’s desire to see Hayden in jail. Before she leaves to go to the PCPD, Elizabeth almost catches Paul with a syringe in Monica’s office…and Paul thinks she’s on to him.

Sick of waiting for an elevator, Elizabeth opts to take the stairs, just as the power goes out in the hospital. An unknown hand shoves her down a flight, and the first face she sees as she awakens is Hayden’s. Franco arrives on scene as well and medical help arrives shortly thereafter. Elizabeth has a mild concussion and a lacerated spleen, but will seemingly be okay. Her memory is initially foggy, but she recalls both Hayden in the stairwell and Paul in Monica’s office (his cover: looking for a pen). For his part, Franco doesn’t leave her side and the #Friz ‘shippers hearts explode.

Hayden, meanwhile, knows her goose is fairly cooked at this point. She opens up to Finn, who puts aside his distinct desire not to care about anyone, and he offers to help her get out of town before she’s arrested by the Feds. Their plan also involves consuming a pint of booze at Perks, and sharing a sweet first kiss… which is interrupted by Jordan arresting Hayden. Hayden thinks it’s about the diamonds and is shocked to learn it’s for attempted murder. She proclaims her innocence and Finn believes her (as do viewers). Finn pretends to be Hayden’s doctor to visit her in jail and a new ship, #Fayden, is born.

Jasam’s Wedding:
Almost two years ago, Billy Miller made his debut as Jake Doe/Jason Morgan. And while his Jason memories have been back for a while now, he’s not the same Jason that Steve Burton was. This version may still have the old Jason’s instincts for self-preservation, but there’s a different lightness to him these days. Jason and Sam spend the night canoodling before their wedding, eating Noodle Buddha, and just generally being in love. And they arrive dressed to the nines, assuming that is the wedding Carly and Molly have planned for them. But the guests opted for summer casual, and the betrothed are more than happy to adjust to the relaxed dress code. But, thinking back to the old Jason, can you really picture him mugging for the photographer and giving Michael bunny ears?

Jason stands at the backyard altar, next to officiant Spinelli (thanks to online Church of Illuminating Wonders). Sam stands ready to walk down the aisle, but I’ll admit, her facial expression leads me to wonder if something is amiss? Let’s hope that, for once, a wedding goes off without a hitch!

Odds and ends:
-So the countdown clock seems to be on for the end of Michael and Sabrina, right? We hardly ever see them, and when we do, it’s always with Dr. Joe three feet away. Sabrina may be professing her love for Michael, but is she trying to convince him or herself?
-Claudette wants Griffin. Griffin wants to know why she came to Port Charles in the first place. He also isn’t fond of his bullet scar reminder of their time together.
-Nina almost finds a baby to buy, but Ava interrupts the baby mama conversation and derails the process. Regardless of the silliness of the story, seeing these two pros interact is always scintillating.
-What’s next for Maxie and Nathan? Do we think they’ll actually make it down the aisle?
-Lulu asks Robert for help determining the fate of her Crichton Clark embryo. Now might be a good time for her to piece together Helena’s puzzle.
-Bobbie is Avery’s new nanny, leaving Nelle without an obvious purpose in Port Charles.
-While hospitalized, Elizabeth mentioned Jake was at a sleepover. Then Jake shows up at the wedding. Elizabeth is shocked to find this out, and it seems as though she and Jason may need to improve their co-parenting communication skills.
-How nice is it to see that while #Sason continues, Jason really is sticking firm to his choice not to be involved in Sonny’s business dealings?
-Alexis is hallucinating Julian. Hallucination Julian pretty much parrots Real Julian. But it does give us some nice scenes between Alexis and Tracy.

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback in the comments section below!

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