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How to Get Away with Murder– Recap & Review – Go Cry Somewhere Else

How to Get Away with Murder
Go Cry Somewhere Else

Original Air Date: Feb 9, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

The last time (this far) we saw Wes alive, he was being followed by Frank. That, of course, is pretty suspicious. But on this show, it’s hardly reason to assume his guilt. Meanwhile, Annalise is still in prison, and facing yet another special hearing. It has everyone nervous- including Laurel, fresh out of the hospital. But they can’t be there in person, because Wes’s memorial is today. And so we get to start out with emotional turmoil of all kinds. What fun.

Laurel’s speech at the memorial doesn’t exactly get a standing ovation, considering she attacks all the folks showing up who didn’t know Wes at all. And when Annalise’s parents show up in court, everything goes to hell. They turn to Nate for help only to realize he’s now working for the DA while the kinds try to contact Laurel after she fled, getting increasingly worried. She’s trying to see Wes’s body, but as far as they know, she could be dead. Things only get worse when Oliver is called by a detective who wants to talk.

Annalise’s parents put on a brave face when they go to visit her. But soon after, her mother confesses to burning down the house. Her father calls it an “episode”, but Annalise doesn’t agree. And that’s alarming in a whole new way, but we’re distracted by Oliver’s very tense chat with the detective. He does reasonably well, but the gang can’t celebrate when they still have no idea where Laurel is. The answer is that she’s getting Nate to take her to Wes. Which would be fine, except that the body they find is very much not Wes.

So where the heck is his body? (Sadly, there is no reveal that our beloved Puppy is secretly alive.) So far, it seems nobody knows. It’s yet another weight on the kids’ minds as they mourn together, but it’s even worse news for Annalise. Her parents stay by her side, continuing to go see her and even asking to meet Bonnie. And yet during this time, you might be wondering about that whole conflict between Annalise and her father. Well, the moment her mother is out of sight, it comes back into the light and quickly boils over.

They aren’t the only ones angry. Once Michaela arranges for Laurel to meet Frank, she believes that he’s innocent. The others are not happy that they still have nobody to blame. But at least they still haven’t reached the point of picking fights, like Annalise does with the less sympathetic of her fellow cellmates. I mean, the woman has been antagonizing her since day one, but I still can’t imagine that our hero would cause this kind of a scene without cause.

Sure enough, she winds up the prison hospital with her face beaten in- exactly the way she wanted. For her safety, she is sent home. It’s a bit of an anti-climactic end to her time in prison, even if this storyline is hardly over. Never mind, though. We get some scenes with Michaela and Asher, some of Laurel going to Wes’s apartment, some of Frank calling Bonnie to say he’s representing himself now, and some of Oliver and Conner- in which the former reveals he still has the flash drive from Annalise’s phone- full of information he claimed to have deleted.

Mind, nobody knows just what’s on that drive yet, and we’re not going to find out tonight. We have a couple other bombshells to get to. Like Annalise’s mother continuing to insist she really did burn the house- and Annalise calming her with the lie that she’s been cleared of all charges. And like Nate trying to ask who ordered Wes’s transfer only to be given a name- his own. Worse, he was indeed in that house with Wes before it caught fire. So what does that mean? Not a clue. We have more questions than ever, and not an answer in sight.

Next Episode: It’s War

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