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How to Get Away with Murder– Recap & Review – It’s for the Greater Good

How to Get Away with Murder
It’s for The Greater Good

Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

For the first two seasons of this show, the characters were a united force- albeit often a very unwillingly united one- in the face of all the deaths that just happened to be happening all around them. Now they’re fractured, with Annalise on her own, Bonnie working for the enemy, and everyone just feeling very spiteful overall. But there are still bodies, of course- in and outside the cases. Will the events eventually bring everyone back together? There hasn’t been much to give us hope yet.

When we last left off, Laurel wanted Michaela to use a new job to track down her murderous father. Michaela reacts about how you might and flees in an Uber. Meanwhile, Annalise has gone to offer her spare time to a public defender’s office. Her first assignment is a tattoo-covered ex-gang member who is in jail for pushing his fiancé out a window. Ben says she jumped after revealing their daughter, Madison. wasn’t his. Also, Oli tries to get Nate interested in his new business, but is distracted by the news of Bonnie’s new job. He brings it to the rest of the team, who, with the exception of Asher, take offense.

Nate is the first witness called by the prosecution in the case, which Annalise finds to be a pretty convenient coincidence. But our first real bombshell is that Connor has decided to drop out of law school. His anxious friends call Michaela and work and she’s caught on the phone, triggering a reality-show style competition to show the interns up. But of course, Michaela winds up in the final four. Laurel tries to ask Bonnie to give her an internship, which proves unsuccessful, and then has a conversation with Annalise that is still more unpleasant. But we learn her baby is a boy- if we ever get to meet him.

While Michaela gets a- let’s call it a pep talk- about her next round and Connor tosses away money on a dancer at a bar, Nate and Bonnie draw Oliver into their circle of debatably defendable betrayal. They reveal voicemails in which Annalise discusses Madison’s parentage- a motive for Ben being a murderer. Laurel still wants in on Team Bonnie, too, and works on Frank’s sympathies to get there. That night, Annalise yells at her traitors in a parking garage, unmoved when Nate tries to take all the blame. But then she gets a call about a body in the morgue.

Obviously, this is not the body that left blood in the elevator. But, somehow, it’s worse. Jasmine is dead of an apparent overdose, so soon after finally being free. On that deeply sobering note, we launch into a full-on intervention for Connor, performed by the other students and Frank. Later, a devastated Annalise shows up at her therapist’s door. He tells her to consider stepping away from her job again. When she returns home, she finds a video at her door of Ben’s girlfriend falling from a window. Falling, not jumping. Things are looking up for Ben

The same is true, to some degree, for Laurel. Frank got Bonnie to cave, and now she has an internship. Annalise plays her footage and tears into the person who dropped it off. That would be her current boss and Ben’s former council, the head of the defender’s office who only found the footage long after her client was convicted. At the law firm, while Michaela wants nothing to do with Laurel’s vendetta, her resolved may be challenged when she’s presented with some pretty convincing evidence about Mr. Castillo.

Though Annalise should be happy, a run in with her colleague and Jasmine’s fate lead to her going back to Isaac and aggressive confronting him in a way I’m certain is not professional for a therapist and client. Connor’s fathers(!) show up to aid in his intervention. And Michaela wins the “Hell Bowl” competition, aided by a random hint dropped by Laurel. Now she starts to make a move on her friend’s behalf. She’s also at that hospital in the future, watching not Laurel, but a roomful of babies. She breaks down in Isaac’s arms, demanding to know if “he” is dead. The baby? Someone else? We can’t say for sure. As she says, everyone around them seems to die.

Next Episode: Was She Ever Good at Her Job?

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