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How to Get Away with Murder– Recap & Review – I’m Not Her

How to Get Away with Murder
I’m Not Her

Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

The season premiere of How to Get Away with Murder left us with Annalise’s return to her profession and her breakup (professional and personal) with basically everyone she’s ever worked with. Laurel threw a whole series of fastballs at us- that she was having Wes’s baby despite her father thinking she’d had an abortion, that she knew said father had her boyfriend killed, and that, in the future, something happens to that baby. But tonight promises to put those “little” twists to shame- and bring us to an event we had to know was coming

Annalise goes to another therapy session with her therapist, Isaac. Now that she has her license back, her first order of business is to go to her former prison, meet her old friend Jasmine, and offer to defend her for free. It’s only when she shows up in court that she sees Bonnie there, too, and realizes she is working for the DA. Connor is looking for a new job, though his prospects leave Oliver troubled. He’s not the only one. The Keating 4 head to a networking session, but fear that they’re only there because law firms want to gossip.

Isaac and Annalise get off to a rocky start in their talk, and the initial stage of her case fares about the same. Bonnie clashes with Nate, who doesn’t believe she’s no longer working with as a Keating representative. And the students are indeed struggling in their interviews- especially Connor. In short, nothing is going well. Even Jasmine’s happiness with Annalise vanishes in a few moments. She’s spent enough of her life in prison by now that she doesn’t see any way out, especially when new police body footage reflects badly on her case.

Isaac pressures Annalise to explain why she’s defending Jasmine in the first place. Nate helps her out after a run-in, but uses the opportunity to press her on Bonnie’s supposed involvement. And so she tells him the truth. Later, after spending time reflecting on Jasmine’s life in the prison system, she stumbles on a potential breakthrough. Elsewhere, the students hear back from their potential firms. Michaela and Asher have callbacks, Laurel and Connor do not. And Laurel has a child to worry about now. But maybe Connor can at least go work at the new IT business Oliver is starting.

Things don’t get much better for Annalise with either Isaac or Bonnie, but Michaela and Asher are om top of the world heading into a networking event. They do run into some trouble with their irritating ex-classmate, Simon, but Michaela stares him down in epic form. Connor isn’t hearing back from anyone, and Laurel is missing any opportunities she may have had by researching the death of a random man. Oh, and Frank shows up as well, playing dual roles- supporting Bonnie’s grudge against her former employer while still coming to Annalise’s aid.

Connor goes to find Laurel, who, realize, is now staying at Wes’s old apartment. He lays his guilt over Wes at her feet and she kind of absolves him, thought it doesn’t help much. But finally, while making her case in front of a jury, Annalise is back to her old self. She tears into a man who had been a police officer when Jasmine was a child prosecuted for sex trafficking at the age of 13. She demands that all the charges against her client, past and former, be dropped to send her free and find her some form of justice. She wins, of course. She doesn’t get everything she asked for, but Jasmine is free and able to start a new life. Yet Annalise doesn’t think she’ll do so, which is kind of a mood killer.

And so we enter the last few moments of the episode. And, in the fashion we know all too well, everything happens. Simon, the jerk, got a great position. But Michaela has an offer, too. It’s at the firm representing Laurel’s dad. And Laurel, revealing what she knows, demands Michaela act as a spy. In the future, when she wakes in the hospital, she’s being watched as she screams for her baby. But calls to Annalise’s phone go unanswered. Because Annalise’s apartment is a crime scene. And bloody handprints in the elevator suggest we won’t get out of this season without identifying a body after all. But did you really expect anything else?

Next Episode: It’s for The Greater Good

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