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How to Get Away with Murder– Recap & Review – It’s War

How to Get Away with Murder
It’s War

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2017

Caitlin- Senior Staff Writer

At last, Annalise Keating is out of jail and going home. Of course, she’s not going to her actual house, what with that being a smoldering mess. Instead, she gets picked up by Nate- who has a few secrets to tell her. We now know that he, too, was with Wes the night of the fire. In fact, he was in the house with our departed friend. And at that point, he was trying to tell Wes to get the heck out of Dodge. But Wes, loyal to Annalise, would not.

Nate did lie to the DA to protect Wes’s whereabouts. That makes it easier to believe he left Wes alive- and Annalise does. Later, she gathers the students at her house to apologize to them and ask for their support. Laurel lashes out. The others don’t, not actively, but soon Connor is encouraging Oliver to hack the flash drive to see what it says about her. And when Laurel stalked out, she started an investigation of her own, paying a man named Howie. Annalise, meanwhile, launches a full-scale attack on those who wronged her, accusing them of conspiracy. She says it herself: “It’s war”.

The defense office is not happy to learn about the case, and they threaten to turn on everyone. But Bonnie, delivering the word, doesn’t back down. She’s told Annalise Michaela is holding everyone up, and so it’s Michaela Annalise brings in to check up on everyone. Michaela listens, but her gives something of a cold shoulder. Nate, troubled by new investigations into his signature, gives more of a cold shoulder. Later, she talks to Oliver and finally finds a sympathetic ear. But no matter who’s on her side, she’s still putting her plans into action. A story about the disappearance of Wes’s body is made public.

Michaela and Connor visit Laurel and stumble upon Howie. She admits he’s a private investigator and says the revelation about Charles Mahoney got Wes killed. Annalise learns about this after a brief conversation with the university president (For the moment, at least, she has no hopes of ever going back to her old job). But she lashes out at the idea of going to the authorities who’ve done so much damage, also revealing the truth about her lost baby to the students. Laurel is unaffected and stalks out once again.

On her own, Annalise toys with- and dismisses- taking Vicodin prescribed to Bonnie. She goes to Asher, who does his best to be kind. Later, Asher suggests to Michaela (who is none too happy about it) that Connor could have been the anonymous source. To be fair, he has reason. Connor now officially has Oliver hacking Annalise’s phone. Meanwhile, the war is hitting some major stalling points. The prosecutor refuses to go through with it. More than that, she threatens to go after the death penalty for Annalise. And this comes after Annalise gets a call from Frank, who thinks she’s Bonnie, and learns a bit about what the two have been saying to each other.

Again, Annalise contemplates substance use- this time cough syrup- and again, she refuses, winding up at a coffee shop with the university president. But it’s not a pleasant move, not when Annalise learns her “friend” was actually getting details for Atwood. She fumes about this to Bonnie and casually mentions Frank, who Bonnie goes to see. Soon after, Frank, still in an orange jumpsuit, asks for a subpoena on Atwood’s records. And once he mentions that she and Nate were dating, he gets it. The war is back on.

Atwood’s boss is not happy. And while Atwood admits she moved the body, the truth, that Wes has been cremated, comes out when Annalise goes to talk to Laurel. Things come to a head between them, as they do for everyone else. Asher openly accuses Connor of being the source, and this time, Michaela edges toward his side. Oliver defends him by mentioning his hacking Annalise, but his own convictions are soon in doubt. Because Connor got Annalise’s message to him that night. Because he went to the house. And because he was hovering over Wes’s body that night, trying desperately to perform CPR. Could it be? Was it an accident? The two-hour finale is next week, and I’m not sure I want to know.

Next Episode: He Made a Terrible Mistake/Wes

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