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Glee – Recap & Review – Wheels

glee wheels
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Original Air Date: Nov 11, 2009

Patricia Morris Buckley — Staff Writer

Wow — did you ever think you’d feel warm fuzzies for Sue Sylvester? Me neither.

But with this eppie I sure did. And in true Glee fashion, we were kept waiting for her reasons for being nice to a student with Down’s until the final minutes. It was worth the wait.

But first, let’s get rollin’, cause this was one packed week. When Will suggests the club hold a bake sale to fund a bus to sectionals that Artie can use, the kids say they’d rather Artie’s dad just take him. A disappointed Will then makes them all use wheelchairs three hours a day to learn what Artie’s life is like — and they’ll do a number in the chairs as well (“Proud Mary” with Artie and Mercedes).

Quinn, still smarting from being thrown off the Cheerios, is being a real jerk to Finn, demanding he get a job to pay for her medical bills. She still hasn’t told her parents and she can’t be stupid enough to think they won’t notice? Puck says he can provide for her and their child. Things warm up during a steamy food fight between them, but she says she’ll claim Finn is the father even if it comes out with a Mohawk. By the end of the episode, Finn and Puck are fighting and it’s the first real crack in what will certainly be the end of their friendship.

The principal demands that Sue hold tryouts for the open cheerleading spot and after a string of losers, she suddenly says “yes” to Becky, a sweet girl with Downs. Will can’t figure this out and is upset when he hears Sue pushing the girl in practice. Sue says, with a bit of mystery in her voice, that Becky appreciates being treated just like everyone else. Would love, love, love to see this Becky character again — what a smile!

Then there’s a Diva Off between Kurt and Rachel when Will decides they’ll do “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked.” Turns out that Kurt has a whole shuffle devoted to the musical and thinks he can hit the high F in the song, but Will says it’s traditionally sung by a girl. Kurt’s father stampedes the principal office and demands Kurt be given a chance and not dismissed just because of his sex.

But just before the big event, a prank call to Kurt’s dad over Kurt’s sexuality gets him to blow the audition so his father won’t be ridiculed more than necessary. Don’t you just adore this character? I do.

Meanwhile, Puck gets some pot, mixes it into cupcakes and the club raises enough for a bus that Artie can get on. But Artie votes to use the money to get ramps so all the kids in wheelchairs can use the auditorium. He and his crush Tina finally have a kiss, but when she reveals she never really stuttered, Artie takes another stand (yes, I dare to use the word) and says he’s through with her because she’s a liar. Good for him.

Rachel also makes a stand — one I can’t admire. Putting Finn in a wheelchair, she gets him a job because he’s “handicapped.” Not very ethical.

Will is puzzled to hear that Sue has donated the money to cover the ramps, but then we see her arriving in an assisted living facility to read to her big sister – who had Down’s. And Sue is utterly delightful with her. Ah…

Still, I don’t want to see Sue lose her edge. A little bit mushy is fine, but razor-sharp Sue is hysterical.

Do you like this side of Sue? Is Quinn the substitute bitch of the week? Do you think Kurt did the right thing? Whose version of “Defying Gravity” did you like best? Give us your Two Cents…

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