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The Good Place – Recap & Review – Dance Dance Resolution

The Good Place
Dance, Dance Resolution

Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

The Good Place did a Groundhog’s Day this week. Remember how Michael promised his boss that Version 2.0 would work, and then it didn’t? He didn’t tell his boss he’d rebooted once again.

And he didn’t tell him the 4th time, the 120th time or the 623rd time either. That’s right – something almost always went wrong. And by going wrong, I mean Eleanor kept figuring out that she’s not in the Good Place, but rather the Bad Place. Really, Michael has constructed his own personal hell.

The episode moved very quickly as each version crashed and burned (with a funny montage of all the times Michael had to reboot Janet, who begged him over and over not to as part of her failsafe).

What we learned from all the different versions is that all four characters – Eleanor, Tahini, Chidi, and Jason — always found each other. That Eleanor plus someone else has visited the Medium Place 15 times, come up with a plan and returned to Michael, only to experience yet another reboot. (Oh, and of those 15 visits to the Medium Place, she’s had sex with Chidi eight times!)

Meanwhile, Michael had another big problem. His workers aren’t happy with the constant replays, especially Vicki (once the Good Eleanor). Vicki whipped up a list of demands using the blackmail that she’ll sell Michael out to his boss.

The last moment is the one that really counted in this episode: Just as Jason figured out they’re in the Bad Place (yes, clueless Jason), Michael made an offer — he’d switch sides and be one their team.


That’s what we’ll find out next week. Which version did you like the best? Did Mindy St. Claire of the Medium Place, who recorded Eleanor and Chidi having sex, creep you out? Is Vicki going to figure out what Michael is up to? Give us your TwoCents…

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