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The Good Place – Recap & Review – Janet and Michael

The Good Place
Janet and Michael

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley —Sr. Staff Writer

I finally figured out what Season 2 is all about. The first season tackled making better people out of the four humans. This season is about making the nonhumans more human.

At the end of the last episode, Janet, who had stretched past capacity to play couples therapist to Tahani and Jason, announced to Michael that she was heading for a catastrophic failure. And that meant an end to the world they’d created.

This episode started with a flashback of Michael sneaking into the real Good Place and stealing a Good Place Janet (a Bad Place Janet melted down when it tried to be nice). Now, reading Janet’s manual (stored conveniently in her left nostril), Michael tried to fix Janet. I loved all the tests he made her run, especially the ostrich meat speared on a giant pencil.

But the real glitch turned out to be one Janet didn’t remember.  You see, every time she acted happy about Tahani and Jason hooking up, an earthquake happened.  Michael remembered in one incarnation, Janet and Jason were married. He believes she’s lying when she says she’s pleased they’re together. That lying is causing the problem.

In other words, Janet who can’t love, does. Yikes!

So she tells Michael to set her for self-destruct. But he can’t. Turns out, he considers Janet his closest, most loyal friend. They had built their world together. He even kept their first frozen yogurt spoon as a reminder. In other words, Michael is starting to have feelings too.

So who do these two nonhumans turn to for help? The worst human they know — Eleanor. Eleanor advises Janet to get drunk (she can’t, although magnets make her woozy) and get a rebound guy. So Janet creates a rebound guy who’s rather dim as he’s the first person she’s ever made. But here’s the prob — he reminded me a little of — guess who? — Jason.

Are you Team Tahani or Team Janet? Is Eleanor the worst advice giver ever? Did you feel sorry for Chidi wth all those needles in his face or think “great Halloween costume?” Give us your TwoCents…

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