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The Good Place – Recap & Review – Team Cockroach

The Good Place
Team Cockroach

Original Air Date: Oct 5, 2017

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

To recap the last two episodes: Michael has rebooted Eleanor, Tahini, Jason and Chidi (and Janet as well) 802 times to try to get his version of hell right. But it’s gotten so bad — with Eleanor figuring out she’s not in the Good Place every time — that Vicky is blackmailing Michael into letting her take over.

So Michael is trying to get the fearsome four on his side with the promise that they won’t be rebooted and perhaps he’ll figure out how to get them in the REAL Good Place. That convinces everyone but Eleanor, who wants to know how this helps anyone but Michael.

So she throws in her bargaining chip — Michael has to take Chidi’s ethics class along with them. He does not want to, but finally agrees as Vicky has put a time limit of a half hour on him (convenient, eh?).

So the fearsome four has to play act that they’ve been rebooted and have to listen to Vicky sing a song off key and smile. Yep, this really is the Bad Place.

I really like the metaphysical twists this season, but it also feels as if each new episode is rather light. Like they can be recapped in three paragraphs. Like a macaroon, it’s tasty, but with little substance. Hammm..

Are you going to enjoy this new version of Michael’s experiment? Could they really earn their way to the REAL Good Place? Or will they drive each other mad and really create the hell Michael set out to make? Give us your TwoCents…

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