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The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Loser Edit

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Good Wife
Loser Edit

Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2015

Patricia Morris Buckley – Sr. Staff Writer

It looks like we finally know how Kalinda’s character will be leaving the show. Ever since Archie Panjabi announced she was not returning next year, the theories have been all over the place. Death, witness protection, jail or perhaps something worse? All of those are still in play, but we got a pretty good clue this week. More on that later.

The bulk of this week’s action revolved around Petra the TV reporter doing a piece about Alicia’s victory. At first, it’s a real puff piece about “Saint Alicia” and how she’s triumphed over the odds. But the threat of those leaked office emails came to fruition when they were leaked to Petra and the piece took a dark, dark turn with sexy email exchanges between Alicia and Will.

It’s a great excuse to bring in Eli, who once again has to balance protecting Alicia and not blaming Peter. He goes for a two-prong approach (which, according to Marissa, is a family tradition) by first leaking the emails to two other reporters. He also suggested Alicia say that it was just a flirtation. But she didn’t want to and admits to Eli it was a full out affair.

And for the first time, Marissa made a suggestion that Eli listened to – to have Peter talk to her. So the two sit down with wine and have a frank conversation about their affairs in a rather grown up way. I didn’t realize how much I missed their relationship. All season long they’ve been yelling at each other and here we saw why they made such a powerful power couple. Best scene of the season so far.

Just when it looked as if Eli’s two-pronged strategy cut Petra off at the knees, her report aired without mentioning the emails, but with the accusation of voter fraud. And that is, without a doubt, the worst accusation of all.

Meanwhile, Diane worked with her new client RD, the wealthy conservative. He wanted her to discuss with the members of ultra-conservative The Plenary Institute a case where a baker refused to sell a wedding cake to a gay couple. She proved such a case is unwinnable. But when RD suggested a similar case with a wedding planner, she agreed that there’s a better chance of a conservative win.

RD asked her to “try” the case with stand-ins and pushes her to go for the jugular, yet is upset that she used his beloved gay nephew as a fake defendant. (She wanted him to see what a case like this could do to people he loves.) She wins the case but is furious that RD is going ahead with the case just to stir up trouble. I love the addition of Oliver Platt as RD. His scenes with Christine Baranski are explosive and so very watchable (try to take your eyes off them, I dare you).

So we’re back to Kalinda. All along I thought her relationship with drug lord Lemond Bishop would be her undoing, but it looks as if the evidence she faked to get Cary off is coming back to bite her. At first she’s worried because it looked as if the faked evidence would send an innocent cop to jail. Or, if she admitted what she did, Diane – who presented the evidence to the court – will be the one to fall. She consults with Finn, with no names attached to the details.

But then enters investigator Andrew Wiley, who still brings his kids to work. After Andrew approached Finn, Finn asked Kalinda for a dollar, so that he is officially her lawyer, enacting attorney-client privilege. The IT guy who helped her fake the meta data also said he’d protect her, telling Andrew that he cleared two of the four parking tickets she had. But then Andrew warns Kalinda that he is on to her,

Will Kalinda end her career on the show by going to jail? How will that affect Cary and Diane? Was there really voter fraud? Give us your TwoCents…

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