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Gossip Girl – Recap & Review – GG

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Gossip Girl

Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2012

Emily – Two Cents Reviewer

OMG! The episode we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! It is Blair Waldorf’s wedding day! I LOVED this episode! Seriously, I was smiling, crying, and…wait did we just find out Gossip Girl’s identity?

Yes, after 5 years of lies, deceit and awesomeness, Gossip Girl’s identity has finally been revealed…But before we get to that, plenty of other stuff happened…It was a musical chairs evening of twists and turns with the couples and for this special 100th episode, we Gossip Girl fans couldn’t have asked for more.

Runaway Bride, the Sequel

As Blair gets ready to be married to Louis, everyone around her seems to start to have doubts about this “joyous” occasion. The fact that Blair literally can’t put on her wedding dress doesn’t help matters…Even Blair’s mom is concerned; she goes to find Chuck so he’ll stop Blair from making a mistake. I got to say, that was my tearjerker moment number 1. Hearing Blair’s mom admit out loud that her daughter was not happy was heartbreaking. Plus, Chuck was adorable, all flustered to see her. Anyway, Chuck does come but it doesn’t work. It’s then Serena’s turn to take matters into her own hands. She goes to Chuck (poor guy, can’t he just enjoy part of the day with Monkey the dog?) and tells him about the stupid deal with God. Meanwhile, just to stir the plot a bit more, why not bring…

Georgina back! Yes, our favorite scheming psychopath is back in town just to ruin Blair’s big day. Aw! That’s so nice of her! At first, her big plan is to seduce Louis but Rufus (!) catches her before she can do any damage. Go Rufus and Lily! But they don’t actually kick her out. Boo Rufus and Lily! Her plan B is then to record the conversation between Chuck and Blair, where she reveals her true feelings. Damn, that girl is good! What does she do with that bomb? She sends it to everyone during the ceremony! Thus the wedding cannot continue, right? Wrong! Chuck and Blair have another heart-to-heart, and this one does not go well either…So then, Blair marries Louis. Wait, what the…? That was probably the reaction all of the fans had. And for hardcore Chuck and Blair fans, I can’t even begin to imagine…

At the reception, things take a turn for the worse, though…Turns out, Prince Louis didn’t really like being humiliated like that…He only married Blair to save face, and he couldn’t care less about her anymore! OMG! Can this guy get any worse? The only good thing that came out was that Blair knows Dan wrote the vows, which leads her to…RUN AWAY with Lonely Boy! I am not going to lie, I screamed when I saw who was at the wheel! Awesome! Too bad for Serena, who had just found the courage to tell Dan how she felt…?


So, that was pretty much the episode…Oh wait! GEORGINA IS GOSSIP GIRL! Why did I never think of that? What does this mean? Is the gang ever going to find out?


Is Nate going to date the real Charlie now? By the way, I wasn’t sure if that was her or not…Does anyone know?

I cannot say enough good things about this episode! What did you guys think? Is Georgina going to stick around, now that we know she’s Gossip Girl? What’s going to happen to Dan and Blair on their little adventure? Please give us your TwoCents!

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