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Gossip Girl – Recap & Review – I Am Number Nine

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Gossip Girl
I Am Number Nine

Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2011

Emily – TwoCents Reviewer

I was kind of wondering what the title of this week’s episode would be about but turns out it’s just Dan’s book ranking on Amazon’s best seller list.

Well, then! I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as the others but there were some great moments, especially that Chair scene at the end…

Also, Dan and Serena try to work together (the key word here is try!), Diana gets more interesting and Charlie is kind of growing on me.

10 things I am sorry about

The heart of the episode was really about Chuck and Blair. (Isn’t it always?) So, we find out Chuck has been going to his therapist and seems to be finding peace with his past. But not so fast! As we learned last week, Louis has been paying the therapist to send Chuck over the edge again, to make him a monster so that Blair would never go back to him. I mean, come on! I just can’t stand that guy anymore! Most importantly, other than the fact that he’s a prince, I just don’t get why Blair would want to be with him. Anyway, rant over. I’ll carry on. After a very Gossip Girl chance encounter, Chuck sees his therapist with Louis and he’s pissed! It’s been a while since we’ve seen that Chuck and it was kind of refreshing! He confronts Louis at the party of the week and it is a classic Gossip Girl smack down. Louis tries to explain himself to Blair (he says he was worried about the paternity test) but it’s too little too late! Blair says they need some time apart and doesn’t look so broken up about it. Can he stay away for good now, please? We then get to the best scene of the episode, where Chuck goes to Blair very late at night to apologize for all he’s done in the past. I call it the 10 things I hate about you scene because I couldn’t help but think of that movie when he started enumerating all of his wrongs. Ed Westwick rocked that scene, it was perfectly done. But what does it mean for Blair?

Serena and Dan

Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are now working on his screenplay. But things go badly fast when Dan doesn’t like the changes Serena’s boss wants to include. (She wants a musical kind of movie. Ha!) So, Dan agrees to let someone else write the screenplay and goes sulk in the corner. Literally, he goes back drinking coffee at the loft with his dad. Dan has clearly lost his mojo in this episode. There’s another twist though, when Serena’s boss tells her she wants to make Dan’s character unlikable and kind of like Mark Zuckerberg. Say, what? That’s way original lady! Whatever, Serena’s got this. (Yeah, right, like anyone could believe that!) After spilling her troubles to Diana, SOMEONE SHE JUST MET, Diana blackmailed Serena’s boss to kill the movie. Apparently, she had some dirt on her. And minutes after, she offers Serena a job as a blogger. Who knew Serena could write? (Ok, that was a cheap shot but I couldn’t help myself!) She’ll have the time though, since once again she had a fall out with Dan after he found out she’s the reason the movie isn’t happening. How long will she keep that job? Two days? And what is up with Diana? Is she going to offer Blair a job too?

Charlie, Nate and Diana

So, Diana is launching her website/I don’t know what to call it thingy and she enlists Charlie and Nate to hand-deliver invitations. But Charlie gets sidetracked when Blair makes her be a part of her ridiculous bridesmaid’s obstacle course. The winner gets to be one of Blair’s bridesmaids. I love the scene where all the girls were scrambling and Blair was just enjoying herself, yelling incomprehensible directions. That’s the Blair we know and love! Anyway, because of this, Nate goes on the wrong meeting and finds out Diana’s been dating behind his back. So, to make her jealous, he and Charlie go to the party together. But who’s manipulating who? Well, it turns out Blair’s final task is for one of the girls to kiss Nate. Poor Nate, he’s always pushed around by the women in his life. Diana steps up though and makes their relationship public, making sure fake Charlie doesn’t get any ideas. But come on! It’s Gossip Girl; you know Nate is going t switch girls in two weeks! The most intriguing part of that storyline though is when Chuck kind of recognizes Diana. Ok, what is her deal, what does she really want?

It was a pretty average episode, until the end with that fabulous scene! Is Blair going back to Chuck? What’s up with Diana, seriously? Until next week, so give us your two cents!

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