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Gossip Girl – Recap & Review –The Big Sleep No More

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Gossip Girl
The Big Sleep No More

Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2011

Emily – TwoCents Reviewer

Welcome back Gossip Girl lovers! This week’s episode definitely had me confused, what with all the random plot points thrown in. This is not my favorite kind of episode, when the scenes don’t seem to fit together…

The story revolved mostly around Chuck and Blair’s never-ending saga, while Dan had next to no scenes. I do not approve! Oh, and Diana’s “endgame” is still not revealed…Let’s discuss!

Blair needs a hobby

While Louis is away (busy getting kidnapped somewhere…kidding…sort of), Blair is completely freaked out by Chuck’s awesome apology. Seriously, she acts like a crazy person! She thinks it’s just an act, and that Chuck really just wants to mess with her head so she’ll go back to him. So, what’s a crazy girl to do? She schemes to expose her ex’s diabolical nature, of course. Blair, just a tip, if you can’t, literally, can’t stop thinking about anything but Chuck, maybe you made the wrong choice. Anyway, at the benefit/masked ball Chuck is throwing, Blair confronts Chuck until he finally kisses her. She leaves in a huff, sure that the kiss proves her point, which is that Chuck can never change. I got to say, even though Blair’s definitely my favorite character, I was really disappointed. Why would she want to set Chuck up like that? But, things are not so simple, as the whole thing was set up by Dorota and Chuck, who both wanted Blair to really let go of him. Yeah…it’s never going to happen!

Lonely Boy

Poor Dan! Not only was he barely in the episode but his storyline was kind of lame too. He feels like a failure because there are not enough people at his book signings? Please, cry me a river. Man, it makes sense now why I didn’t like this episode so much! Blair and Dan are not acting like themselves and it is really upsetting, you guys! But there was a great Rufus and Dan moment though, so there’s that.

Diana’s web of schemes

This week, we get no closer of finding out the truth about her but we did get one hell of a headache trying to figure out all of her plans. After this week’s random plot device (Max, Ivy’s boyfriend is back, and he meets Serena randomly on the streets of New-York), Diana sets in motion an elaborate plan to take down fake Charlie and…I really don’t know what she wants. Sigh. She sends Nate and Charlie to the party so that she can trick Charlie into meeting Max. And make Serena look stupid for Gossip Girl. Anyway, all of her manipulations lead to Serena fully on board to write the blog, after seeing Charlie so distraught. Oh, and Nate and Diana are officially a couple now. Whatever, she’s using him because of his grandfather, who wants to reinstate Nate’s image…what? We haven’t seen this guy since season 2 I think! What is going on here? The only thing I liked about this storyline is Max. He’s adorable and should get out of there fast. But he won’t because he saw on Gossip Girl (apparently, one day in the city and Gossip Girl is old news to you!) that fake Charlie is passing for Serena’s cousin…Dun, dun, dun!

All in all, I did not care that much about this episode. It was way too confusing for me, and a lot of it didn’t seem true to the characters that we know and love. Hopefully, next week’s episode is going to step it up! What do you guys think? Am I being too harsh? Is Blair ever going to ditch Louis? Is the return of Max a good thing or not? Please, give us your two cents!

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