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Graceland – Recap & Review – Faith

photo: usa
photo: usa

Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2014

Jules – Managing Editor

Graceland has undoubtedly left us hanging on many occasions. From last year’s finale to several episodes this season, including last week. The season two finale is no different. The entire episode had me on pins and needles waiting for what was and could be happening next.

For our Gracelanders, things are falling apart and falling apart fast, from Charlie being kidnapped, Briggs heading to Mexico with Sid who’s figured out his cover and Johnny holding marked bills from Lucia. So no time to waste as we get to what happened in the season two finale.

We pick up right where we left off last week. Johnny checks the bills and indeed, Lucia’s grabbed the suitcase with the marked bills that was meant for Sid. Johnny’s mention of Sid is when Lucia finally figures it out and Johnny reveals he’s FBI to arrest her father and brother. Lucia understands the problems, but she stands on her father and brother’s side. Lucia says she will bring the suitcase back since Johnny would be screwed if caught. So they go back to the compound together.

While Lucia runs in to put back the briefcase, Johnny is quickly approached by Carlito who needs a ride into town. Johnny is guilted to oblige because he has no other reason to be there. As they head into town, that’s when Carlito pulls a fast one on Johnny saying he knows he works for the U.S. government and pulls a gun on him. Carlito figured it out after he caught Jakes doing the money swap.

Eventually, Carlito has his henchmen bring Lucia to them in the desert. Lucia begs for her life as Carlito plays with both a bit. But all he wants is Johnny to go back to doing the drug drops or Lucia dies. So back home it is for Johnny, minus Lucia. Not a happy camper.

Elsewhere, Sid, Briggs and the rest of the group are heading to casa Solano. Mike is near the border with his supervisor getting ready for the take down.

And then there’s Charlie, who has been brought to some warehouse and being interrogated by Amber’s money launderer, a British guy named Jermaine. He’s convinced she’s a cop, but Charlie screams out again and again she’s not. Charlie eventually reveals to Amber she’s pregnant, but that doesn’t stop Jermaine from continuing to beat her (just not in the stomach per Amber’s orders) to get anything out of her. Amber’s apparently upset because she was shot during the robbery, but it’s nothing personal. He’ll continue until he gets something. But this is Charlie. She’s one tough cookie.

Back at Graceland, Jakes returns and is immediately approached by Paige, who shows him the letter and the folding. Jakes says she’s crazy for thinking what she is, but since he owes her, he takes the letter to be checked for prints through ICE. The letter comes back with partials that match the ones on Lena’s backpack. Paige is still convinced Mike made it happen, but Jakes tells her she’s grasping at nothing now.

Just as Sid and crew arrive at casa Solano, Mike gets a call saying Charlie didn’t show up to her meet. Meanwhile, Mike’s supervisor gets a call about a bomb scare in LA, requiring them to pull out and be closer to HQ. And with that, they hold off on the Sid arrest until tomorrow since they believe Briggs’ cover to be solid.

Mike calls Briggs to tell him about both changes. With regards to Charlie, Briggs immediately says he’s coming back – Mike is not happy and can’t really stop Briggs. So what does Mike do? He heads to Tecate himself! Supervisor won’t allow it and there won’t be any support, but Mike’s got to do it. He can’t have Sid get away now.

Mike arrives at the Solano house just as gunshots are heard all around. What Mike soon finds is all the Solano henchmen dead and Carlos too! Mike gets hit himself as he sees Sid’s crew is shot dead as well and then there’s Sid. He’s been shot too, but he’s still alive. But alas, it was all a set up by Sid. He shot his own crew with Mike’s gun – the gun Sid stole from the house. Sid, you suck!

Back in California, Briggs has arrived and figured out where Charlie is. He infiltrates the warehouse, shoots down one guy and then Amber, but Jermaine gets away. Charlie is saved and Briggs vows to find the guy and hurt him. For now, Charlie and baby are OK.

Mike is now in hiding because of Sid, who’s telling everyone about what Mike supposedly did. He needs treatment for the shot he took, but he needs an ID first. Briggs says he’ll get him one soon and sends Paige to do it. There Paige apologizes for not believing him about Lena and that she’s sent a team to Scottsdale to look for her. But that soon changes when Mike fades off and says it’s better that they (Lena’s parents) believe she’s in a better place.

With that, Paige storms out and goes straight to Sid to tell him that Mike is at the hospital under a dummy name and pushes him for another chance to get at Mike.

Briggs calls a team meeting saying Mike needs their help. It’s a great monologue to try and bring the broken group together. When Paige walks out, Briggs follows and she reveals that Mike burned Lena and she gave Sid the name.

Sid shows up at Mike’s hospital room where he gives a monologue questioning why Mike’s after him and then vows to burn Mike and his Graceland buddies. Sid takes the heart rate monitor to his finger while he squashes Mike’s breathing tube. All the while, Briggs rushes to the hospital just as Mike flatlines. And Sid is nowhere to be found. Briggs is in tears.

And that’s where we leave it! Can Mike really be dead? The show has not been renewed for season three, so Mike’s fate is really up in the air. Would they kill a main character? Some think it could be a set up, but why would Briggs be rushing to the hospital so fast? Paige’s tears lead me to believe it’s not, but who knows. What do you think? Share your TwoCents below and cross fingers for another season!

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