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Graceland – Recap & Review – Savior Complex

photo: usa
photo: usa
Savior Complex

Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

Last week things were bad. This week things only get worse. It seems in Graceland world things tend to get worse before they get better, which is fine since we’re more than halfway through the season so how much worse can it get? This week, pretty bad though.

Let’s see what happens.

Last we saw of Briggs, he was picked up by Toros and Ari. Luckily, Briggs lives because he convinces them that he’s just an informant for the FBI and the higher ups agree not to kill him. Briggs also convinces them that there’s a FBI mole.

After, Briggs goes to Logan telling him that to continue on his facade, he’ll need an agent to be interrogated and tortured. Logan’s not so convinced so he calls Mike to come in to talk to him about Briggs and to keep the meeting hush. That takes awhile to happen because Mike is still on a bender.

Mike’s at Gusti’s, passed out from his last high. Gusti pleads with him to kick the druggie habit, but Gusti still takes Mike to an electronics deal that goes south when Mike has a momentary lapse and the pair they are dealing with – who happen to be meth heads – are interested in the box with the WMD in it that’s still in Gusti’s trunk. Since Mike’s still not seeing straight, he, Gusti and the WMB are kidnapped.

The meth heads try pounding the WMD to see what’s inside since Mike and Gusti are not telling. A freaked Mike gets them to stop when he invokes the name Odin Rossi on them saying it’s his and that they need to make a deal with him. The pair call Briggs, who plays along with the charade and the demands.

Mike’s tied up while their captures do drugs waiting for Odin to arrive. Gusti’s worried they will owe Mike’s “friend” a favor and about trusting a junkie.

Briggs gets Paige and Johnny in on his plan since they can’t go through official channels since this undercover is off the books. Briggs goes in to the take the container, no ransom, leaves and then Johnny and Paige go in after to get him out. In the end, Mike’s inability to see straight has him shooting Gusti.

Thankfully, Gusti is alive, but he wants out. He doesn’t understand how this all happened and wants Mike to take the money and the WMD. Mike’s too busy eyeing the morphine packages the doc left behind and eventually takes one and the phone. Just as he’s about to shoot up, he sees some “Change your life” postcards with red birds on it. He calls and it’s a rehab place. Mike crushes the syringe and doesn’t shoot up.

Mike goes to Briggs to help him detox, which involves being handcuffed to his bed and possibly the hardest thing he’s over done. Mike’s ready. Luckily all the housemates are on board helping out. Aaron Tveit rocks the intense scenes.

It turns bad when Mike is burning up having puked all over his bed. The group take him into a cold bath to shock him a few times. While under a clean shaven Mike sees his death dream from last time – himself running in the grass and a red bird flying and then a flock of red birds. He follows them to a clock and then he’s back. “Back from the dead twice,” says Briggs.

Elsewhere, Charlie, Amber and Jakes are in Florida to take down Germaine for good. Charlie’s in better spirits, backing Amber up, but Jakes is still not convinced. The swamp people make meeting with Germaine happen so we’re moving forward.

With Charlie behind the scenes, Jakes goes in to make the deal with Germaine. I love Jakes in a fancy suit. While the deal is about to happen, their operations is interrupted…by another agent?

In the other room, a deal is made and Jakes is waiting for a take down, but nothing happens. He tries to stall to no avail, but hears screaming on the other side. Apparently it seems Germaine himself is a CI for the ATF. They are protecting him to let him continue on his ways. This means no getting Germaine and back to prison for Amber. At least she has Charlie making her frog origami just like her dad. Cute touch. And the swamp guys are arrested, of course. Oh and Jakes finds out Charlie had a miscarriage.

Back at the house Mike is clean shaven again and Briggs is proud of him for making it past this big step. Mike then finally shows is head at FBI to meet with Logan to talk about Briggs and his plans. Mike stands up for Briggs saying he was backed into an impossible corner and knows what he’s doing.

Mike’s still curious though, so he tails Logan’s car one night and sees him being kidnapped…by Briggs and the Sarkissians!!

Wow, what is Briggs next plan? Will Mike be able to continue on the good path? And while Gusti wants out, I hope it’s not the last we saw of him. Share your TwoCents below!

Next week: Hand of Glory

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