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Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Take It Back

photo: abc
photo: abc
Grey’s Anatomy
Take It Back

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2014

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

When we left off last year, Grey’s had many, many loose ends leaving viewers wondering what was coming next. Would April choose Matthew or Avery? Would Alex’s father live? What happened to Ross? Were Callie and Arizona and Bailey and Ben over? Would Derek choose the White House over his promise to Meredith? And were Meredith and Cristina finally done fighting?

Well, guess what… they managed to answer every single question. While it was a lot of content for an hour of television, it breezed by in a very non-patient heavy hour. This was purely about our doctors tonight, with only a small side of medical mayhem. So let’s get to it…

The Wedding: First and foremost, April came running out of the chapel with Avery, leaving Stephanie and Matthew to lick their wounds. She immediately began to panic over her impulsive decision, getting out of the car in the middle of a country road. Derek and Meredith bickered over his looming presidential work, although she seemed to accept it wasn’t something he could turn down. Bailey blew up at Ben, feeling as though she was returned to her first marriage, with someone who didn’t value surgery. Ben was adamant that he loved surgery, he just loved being with her more. Arizona lashed out at Callie that she didn’t want to be fixed and that their old condo wasn’t her home anymore. And while Jimmy hovered near death, Alex wanted him arrested or fired, and Ross slept on a bench.

Three weeks later…

Ben and Bailey: Ben’s love of surgery was enough to fix all that ailed their relationship. Remember when Heather Brooks died? Well, that left an opening in the surgical resident program, so Ben is officially a second year resident at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He’s mercilessly teased by the other residents, but is clearly Richard’s student pet. And Bailey is completely sunshine and happy again. Oh, and pizza and hamburgers give Ben heartburn.

Callie and Arizona: Changing location changes outlooks. The solution to the twosome’s problem… buy a new house. Granted, it’s a murder house, but it’s fresh start without memories of hospital beds or being carried into a shower. Callie is still on the fence about their issues, but Arizona, without promising smooth waters, is more relaxed and happy then we have seen her in forever.

Alex: Jimmy’s still hanging on, mostly because Alex promised that his estranged wife Naomi and son Nicky were on their way. What he didn’t count on is that his anger towards his father is only matched by Naomi’s. She does show up, but it’s only because she believe that Jimmy was already dead and she wanted to reclaim a guitar he stole from her. She leaves without seeing him, guitar in hand. Alex, after pummeling Ross, sits by his father’s bedside, lies that Naomi and Nicky are still coming, and gives his dad permission to go. Jimmy dies, as a Alex mutters “you sonafabitch” to himself.

Ross: Ross is back (and rested), but not by Owen’s choice. Owen fought to have him fired, while the board, especially Cristina, fought for a second chance. But while Richard tries to mentor him gently, Owen is blazing mad and challenging the resident at every turn. Ross apologizes to Alex (which is what earned him the beating) and quietly tries to regain his footing in his career. Richard calls out Owen for possibly being angrier that Ross was sleeping with Cristina, rather than his medical mistake.

Meredith/Cristina: The two are besties again. They operate together, bond, and all is right with the world.

Derek: Derek spends the hour being vetted by the White House. They raise an eyebrow that he married a former student, are content that Amelia (Private Practice) is still clean, but do find a red flag in his files. It turns out Derek sends $3500 a month to the mother of a Michael Betcher. He confides in Meredith that Michael was a high school classmate that he crosschecked in hockey, leaving him with a brain bleed in a vegetative state. It flies in the face of his telling Bailey a few seasons ago that he was a scrawny band nerd, but I’m sure we’re not supposed to remember that. Meredith is still angry with him, but unlike irrational Meredith of last fall, she doesn’t seem to be unruly, just irritated.

Jo/Alex: When Naomi was at the hospital, Alex introduces Jo as his fiancé, which shocks the resident. It turns out Alex’s speech about wanting to be with her forever was his idea of a proposal, which is reminiscent of when he asked Izzie to be exclusive by asking if he could still sleep with nurses. Jo tells him she’s not ready for marriage and that he’s only pushing for commitment out of grief.

Avery/April/Stephanie: It comes out via Leah that after all of the wedding shenanigans, that all of our doctors are now alone. Stephanie is avoiding Avery at all costs, while he is longing to apologize. Stephanie has a “cat-man” patient, who altered his appearance (tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery) at nineteen to look like a feline. He admits that he now barely leaves his house, so Stephanie uses Avery’s guilt, telling him that he can’t make her feel better, but he can do pro-bono work to fix the patient. Stephanie, still sad, talks to Leah who bemoans the fact that so many attendings (Cristina, Alex, Arizona, Avery) have been involved with residents (Ross, Jo, Leah, Stephanie). She pushes her to do “something about it.

Next thing we see is an emergency board meeting to discuss complaints of sexual harassment, quid pro quo harassment, and hostile work environment. At the boards suggestion, they discuss implanting a zero tolerance policy for workplace relationships between superiors and subordinates, current marriages excluded (Ben/Bailey).

Jackson returns home… and advises April that their relationship may not be a secret much longer. They embrace and we spy a wedding band on April’s telltale finger. Flashing back to the side of the road from the top of the hour, we see them wonder what comes next. Not wanting to go back to dating, they make the impulsive decision to drive thirteen hours to Lake Tahoe to elope.

And… exhale! That was a lot of story for sixty minutes! So now that you have my TwoCents, share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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