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Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – It Only Gets So Much Worse

Grey’s Anatomy
It Only Gets So Much Worse

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2017

Karen Belgrad – Social Media Editor

An entire hour of Grey’s Anatomy with no Meredith or Alex? No mention of the DeLuca and Alex situation whatsoever? No Owen? No Amelia? Between this and the bottle episode at the jail last month, a lot of viewers are surely shaking their heads and saying “whaaaaaat?”

And not only that, the weird Grey’s Anatomy timeline thing has reared its ugly head. The original residents competed for a solo surgery in their second year of residency. These residents were interns the season following the plane crash. Since then, Meredith has carried (with some time in between and after) TWO babies to full term. Surely they are now AT least second year residents, if not third.

Which begs the question… why were the start-to-finish surgeries such a big deal? Shouldn’t they all have HAD solo surgeries by now? They’re not duckies (or whatever that metaphor was) anymore. Yes, they’re still residents, but if this is the level of confidence the staff has, no wonder Richard needed to be replaced.

April as chief of general surgery is pretty much a rehash of April as chief resident. She got the job by default, starts out meek, and then grows a backbone. The only added layer is that Jackson openly doubts his mother’s role in April’s interim promotion. While April is frustrated with Jackson, she also is bonding with Catherine. April also gets to prove (at least to Jo and a patient) that she’s more than Not-Grey, despite Maggie’s continuous pouting.

Bailey and Richard continue to be at each other’s throats, this time at the expense of Ben’s start to finish education. Ben blasts them both for ruining what should be a joyous time for him, but there’s no sign of budging from either side.

Thankfully, Minnick finally gets a little more development other than stress point for the staff. She snags a Lap Chole (aka gallbladder removal) on a nine year old for Stephanie, over Arizona’s objections. As a compromise, Arizona is allowed as an observer in the operating room, but is to let Stephanie run things. Unfortunately, things go south after Stephanie accidentally tears mesenteric artery and the patient dies.

Afterwards, Stephanie looks to Minnick for reassurance, but Minnick has no words to give. Stephanie breaks down to Richard, who reassures her that nobody in the operating room knew where to look and when they did, it was a race against the clock, and the clock almost always wins. After a hug, he helps her break the news to her patient’s anguished parents.

Minnick took leave because in all of her career, she had never lost a child. Arizona too offers comfort, that while it doesn’t ever get easy, the feelings will eventually process faster. Later, Arizona finds Minnick crying in her car, she offers up a hug, and a reminder that Minnick’s life will be easier if she tries to make friends. And it’s good that they’re taking time with these two, because there definitely needs to be more foundation for any burgeoning relationship.

And there you have my TwoCents, share your comments, feedback, and TwoCents below!

  • nerdygirl111

    I don’t understand why these 5th year residents (who according to the timeline should already be fellows, but the timeline is a bit out of whack) have never done a solo surgery. Bailey and Callie were pretty much only doing solo surgeries in the first couple seasons and they were residents.

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