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Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Things We Lost in the Fire

photo: abc
photo: abc
Grey’s Anatomy
Things We Lost in the Fire

Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2015

Karen Belgrad – Managing Editor

Call it the midseason finale. Call it the winter finale. Call it the fall finale. Just know that after tonight, we are officially without any new Grey’s Anatomy episodes until February 11, 2016! And the question that begs, did anything tonight leave you speechless or shocked?

There were a lot of moving parts tonight, all set against the backdrop of a wildfire that injured forty firefighters. And truly, was there any better moment than Richard instructing Bailey to address the doctors from the stairs, so they’d feel watched over? And then nudging her to move up a few stairs?

Jo/Alex: Once again, we watched an entire hour of Jo being butthurt. For as long as she and Alex have been together, you’d think she would’ve gotten over her insecurities over his and Meredith’s friendship. But she’s not, and chooses to confront Alex about it after he and Meredith shut her out of a conversation. Jo gets angry when Alex defends Meredith when Jo says that Meredith treats her bad. Then she gets angrier when Alex says that Meredith is the person he can count on. Truthfully, if Jo wasn’t so confrontational, maybe they could have an actual conversation. Jo snaps at Stephanie when her former bestie ignores her sobbing in a supply closet, but Stephanie is the bigger person and does give Jo some comfort. And just as Jo is about to leave Alex and move in with Stephanie, Alex surprises her with a proposal. It turns out his and Meredith’s big secret was simply Meredith trying to give him the engagement ring that she’d been holding on to for the past month for him. We’re left hanging until February to see if Jo accepts his proposal.

Maggie/Andrew: Maggie and Andrew are still going at it like rabbits, despite the whole boss/subordinate policy that was made a big deal of a few seasons ago. Maggie wants to make sure that their relationship doesn’t impact their work, to the point that she visibly flinches when Andrew offers the slightest comfort after a patient dies. Andrew has had enough, saying he’s done with their fling. But Maggie cops to having feelings, but needs to keep their courtship out of the workplace. So naturally, they seal the deal by getting it on in an on-call room.

Jackson/April: April is busy avoiding Jackson after their evening of sex. Jackson doesn’t seem clear what he wants, except for that he wants April to let him finish a sentence and stop deciding that she knows what he is thinking or going to say. So April asks him exactly what he wants. And… we’re left until February to see if the sex was break-up or make-up (Callie’s favorite).

Arizona: Arizona continues to dip her toe in the dating pool, flirting with an injured firefighter the whole episode. Richard mocks her for trying to get him to be a wingman to find out what a patient thinks of her. But all of the inquiry is for naught, as the patient has a girlfriend/wife, although she does give Arizona a nice over-the-shoulder glance as she’s leaving.

Meredith/Riggs/Owen/Amelia: The hospital is all abuzz with the scuttlebutt over Owen’s beef with Riggs. Owen’s surly disposition certainly isn’t helping matters. Amelia is desperate to be included in Owen’s life, despite his insistence that he doesn’t want to discuss it with anyone. Meredith and Riggs work a patient together, with each second guessing and overriding each other the whole way. The patient turns out to be the boyfriend of Owen’s mother, and Owen tries to get Riggs kicked out of the O/R. After surgery, Meredith and Amelia surprised that not only does Owen’s mother know Riggs, she tearfully hugs him. Meredith asks Mama Hunt if she needs to be concerned, and Mama Hunt has her close the door and fills her in, while Amelia stews in the hall.

Owen sees Riggs in the hall, who lets him know he saw Mama Hunt. Owen tells him to stay away from his family, but Riggs declares that it is his family too. Owen punches Riggs. Meanwhile, Amelia asks Meredith to fill her in, but Meredith is firm that she’s looking after Owen for Cristina only, not Amelia. Amelia says they are sisters, but Meredith corrects her that Cristina is her sister, Amelia is only Derek’s sister. Amelia deals a low blow, saying that Meredith is using Penny as her widow shawl, crawling into a hole, and that Derek would be disgusted and sick by what Meredith has become. Meredith orders Amelia out of her house.

Amelia is sitting at the bar when Riggs arrives with his black eye. He asks Amelia if she wants a drink, and the recovering addict opts for a vodka tonic and sadly takes a drink. Having watched her on Private Practice, I’m not looking forward to another round of Amelia off-the-wagon, regardless of how well it was previously done. At the hospital, Meredith finds a sullen Owen and tells him she didn’t know he had a sister.

So, clearly Riggs was involved with Owen’s sister and Owen blames him for whatever happened to her. Right?

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