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Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – True Colors

Grey’s Anatomy
True Colors

Original Air Date: May 11, 2017

Karen Belgrad – Social Media Editor

After a fairly lackluster season, by most viewer’s standards, Grey’s Anatomy definitely returned to intense, explosive (sorry) form tonight. Next week’s season finale went from next-day viewing to can’t miss rather quickly.

Despite technical difficulties which plagued the better part of the hour (at least in Chicagoland) and caused the majority of the dialogue to sound muffled, this was, by far, the best episode of the season to date. I watched most of the show via closed captioning, but probably missed a few details.

You would think the military human resources folk showing up at Owen’s door would be the insanely emotional part of the hour and, for a while, it was. Owen hearing everything in distant tones and not altogether there, comes to work, and saves a baby. He’s barely talking, but his standard moody demeanor doesn’t set off an alarms for his colleagues. When rebuffs the praise of the baby’s parents, Amelia follows him to check in. That’s when he tells her, the military found Megan (his 10 years lost sister)… and she’s alive. He hasn’t told his mother or Nathan, as Megan is still in a German hospital and he needs to be assured it’s really her. Amelia calls Teddy Altman (good continuity!) and gets the confirmation.

Of course, this comes just as Meredith is finally getting out of her own way and moving ahead with Nathan (if you recall, Nathan was involved with Megan). Before the information works its way through the hospital chatter, Meredith sees how natural Nathan is with children and decides to invite him over to meet hers. Before dinner can happen, Amelia breaks the “Megan is alive news” and Meredith makes her way back to the hospital to tell Nathan.

You’d also think that Alex tracking down Paul Stadler, Jo’s ex-husband is a big deal. Heck, Paul is even played by Glee alum, Matthew Morrison. We learn that Jo’s real name is Brooke Stadler. But it’s kind of a non-starter. We get several fake-outs, with Alex imagining he beats Paul up and ends up in jail. Then Alex imagines confronting Paul and threatening him away, only to return home to Paul killing Jo. In the end, Alex doesn’t say a word, opting not even to share a cab to the airport with Paul. Maybe it’s because, with Camilla Luddington’s maternity leave, we haven’t seen Jo in a while, but this just didn’t reach the emotional heights it could have for how long the story has been playing out.

Now, to the meaty stuff… I completely missed the name of the male car accident victim. A pair comes in, post-crash, and he’s missing his pants and she’s missing her shirt. Maggie tries to be cynical, but her romantic side comes through as she and Jackson try to figure out if the couple is in love or if it was a random hook-up. Meanwhile, Stephanie is fresh off three days of counseling, and Richard puts her back on surgical duty. Minnick isn’t pleased, and assigns Stephanie to babysit the car crash guy and his liver laceration.

As the female patient wakes up, it’s clear that this is no great love story gone wrong. In fact, the guy was a would-be rapist and the female crashed her car to fight back. An oblivious Stephanie is wheeling the guy to visit the girl, not knowing he’s palming a scalpel. As security arrives, he ditches the wheelchair and forces Stephanie to get him out of the hospital. After avoiding detection by Ben, they walk down an empty stairwell to the loading dock. But when people appear, the guy slightly cuts Stephanie’s neck and forces her into an empty hallway. It’s there that they encounter Erin, the wayward sister of the aforementioned choking baby, who likes to wander the hospital.

Stephanie tries to get Erin to turnaround, but the hospital is on lockdown and they’re trapped in the hallway. The guy’s plan is to start a fire to get the doors to open, and the plan almost works, but Stephanie douses him with alcohol and a scattered ember sets him ablaze. As she and Erin cower in a nearby room, Stephanie sees that he is flailing towards oxygen canisters. She leaves Erin and runs towards him… just as they explode, hurling Stephanie backwards, and sending a fireball into the night sky.

And… now we await next week’s season finale!!! You’ve got my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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