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Grimm – Recap & Review – The Thing With Feathers

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
The Thing With Feathers

Original Air Date: Apr 6, 2012

Wyner C – TwoCents Reviewer

“Sing my precious little golden bird, sing! I have hung my golden slipper around your neck.”

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing – unless you go camping, that’s torture. I’m a city girl, I know. That’s why Nick’s rental cabin/house-of-giant-logs is the perfect mixture of vacation/torture! Good choice or bad idea for a proposal site?

Nick is going away on a romantic weekend with Juliette. He hopes it will end with her as his fiancée. He chose a place called Whispering Pines; slogan of “For the Rest of Your Life.” What does that even mean? That you’ll arrive and stay there for the rest of your life? Creepy, not romantic. Nick’s an amateur in the romance department – he should have asked Hank for advice. Hank has almost a dozen wives under his belt – exaggeration, but the truth.

When Nick and Juliette get lost, Nick knocks on the door of Tim, a Wesen. I wonder who would answer the door of a stranger but I think it’s a NYC thing where you yell out any questions/answers instead of opening doors. Safety is more important than manners – I’d rather be called rude than dead.

Juliette is in the car and spots Robin at the window looking sad and forlorn. Juliette senses something is wrong but there is nothing anyone can do. Her spidey-senses are in tune because once inside, Tim ties Robin down to force feed a concoction of worms, moldy substance and milk via a feeding machine. He says it’s for her benefit – she needs it in her condition. Cryptic and unsettling.

Lucky for Nick, their rental is right up the hill from Tim and Robin. Nick knows Tim is a Wesen but he’s on vacation and Tim hasn’t done anything wrong. That night Juliette spots a domestic disturbance between Tim and Robin. They call the Sheriff who goes to investigate but leaves without arresting Tim. Nick surmises that Robin didn’t want to press charges.

At 2am Nick calls Monroe who actually answers and doesn’t hang up when he realizes it’s Nick! Nick wants to know what type of Wesen Tim may be – studying is not one of Nick’s priorities. Tim is a Klaustreich which is an alley-cat like creature. According to Monroe, women love them but they are bad news once they get what they want. Monroe lost his high school sweetheart to a Klaustreich. The Klaustreich left the ex-girlfriend after she became a teen mom and slashed her face as a reminder why Monroe was the right choice. Also why Monroe is awesome? He hunted the Klaustreich to avenge his ex. Now THAT is romantic – I’m crazy, I know.

The next day, Nick plans out the entire day filled with romantic antiquing and grocery shopping. The man of someone else’s dreams….. While grocery shopping, Juliette spots Robin and strikes up a conversation. She gives Robin contact information in case Tim gets too physical. What Juliette doesn’t know is Robin has an escape plan. She is going to meet the stock boy to leave Tim. Nick sees Robin is Wesen too.

Nick calls Monroe who is helping out Rosalind at the store. They tell Nick that Robin is a Seltenvogel – a golden bird-like creature so rare, they are thought to be extinct. Seltenvogel were historically held captive because once in a lifetime, a Seltenvogel produces an Unbezahibar – a large easily breakable golden egg that needs to be extracted from their throats. Knowing she is with a Klaustreich, Monroe deduces after Tim gets the egg, Robin’s dead.

While Nick is preparing dinner, Juliette sees Robin running away so Nick pursues. Robin finds the stock boy dead by Tim’s claws and is captured by Tim. Nick finds the body and calls the sheriff. Nick runs to Tim’s house to find Robin strapped in the force-feeding machine. After a fight that finds Tim being thrown out the window, Robin and Nick go back to the cabin.

At the cabin, Robin informs Nick that the sheriff is Tim’s cousin and wants her golden egg too. As Tim and the sheriff head over to the cabin, Robin runs with Nick following and Juliette whipping out her gun so she can find a safe place to call the state police.

Nick ends up delivering the golden egg with Rosalind and Monroe’s help – the iPhone with FaceTime was VERY important too. I wonder how much Apple paid them. Tim and cousin catches up and want the egg. Nick takes down cousin and runs after Tim who accidentally shatters the egg. Nick catches him too – vacation is fun.

At home, Nick proposes to Juliette even after all this craziness. She rejects the proposal – she’s not going to say yes until he’s willing to open himself up to her again. Good for her! I just don’t know how a relationship can survive after a rejected proposal. Feelings are hurt and egos are bruised. It’s a tough situation.

You know whose situation is looking up? Hank. He’s finally going on a date with Adalind and it looks like he’s having fun. Too bad he’s been hexed, delusional and going insane. Speaking of insane, guess who has become a full-fledged pica? Sgt. Wu, that’s who. The cushion and paper clip eater.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is from “The Nightingale” by Hans Christian Andersen. It’s about a Chinese emperor and a captive nightingale whose song is a treasure. The emperor freed the nightingale after receiving a mechanical bird with the same singing ability. The robot broke and when the emperor was dying, the nightingale came to sing once more. Death leaves after hearing the song and so the emperor lives.

2. Freddy, Rosalind’s brother, has multiple passports hidden. CIA or Wesen-spy?

3. Captain Renard has power. The man he sent to Adalind bowed while exiting the car. That sign of respect shows Renard’s status. What is the hierarchy and what organization are they working for?

4. Renard plots for Adalind to accept Hank’s date. Captain of a police department or pimp in training?

5. Hank pulling a gun on an innocent man – not cool! I hope the hex ends soon, I don’t want him to lose his job because of Renard’s stupid reasoning (friend = road to a Grimm’s soul, really?).

6. Sgt Wu ate a paper clip in plain sight and Hank didn’t even notice. I know Hank was probably obsessing over the Hexenbiest but come on! When Wu said he is going home to his couch, all I can think of was – he’s going to eat it….

7. Nick would never exist in real life. Why? He actually asks for directions and remembers what was eaten on a first date. A fictional character indeed.

8. Does NO ONE say “goodbye” or “bye” or any valediction on TV anymore? Everyone just hangs up! That’s been bugging the Jeebus out of me!

What is Renard up to? Will Wu’s storyline be more than being a pica? Juliette did well in her storyline because they actually gave her one! More next week? Hope so. How can Juliette and Nick move forward after a rejected proposal? Not enough Monroe, more please! Rosalind and Monroe – how cute! Discuss away!

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