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Happy Endings – Recap & Review – To Serb with Love

photo: abc
photo: abc
Happy Endings
To Serb with Love

Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2012

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

In this week’s episode, Jane & Alex throw their dad a party. Alex tells Dave he doesn’t have to go, but when he makes a surprise entrance, Alex has to admit something to him. Meanwhile, Jane tries to come up with the perfect joke to make her dad laugh during her toast.

Lastly, Max becomes jealous of Penny’s new relationship and tries to break her & Pete up. Read on for this week’s recap of another hilarious episode of Happy Endings.

After Dave tells Penny that Alex doesn’t want him to come to her dad’s party, Penny tells him that going to family events is serious & he needs to be there. Dave thinks that Alex really wants him there anyway, so he decides to show up and surprise her. After Alex tries to walk him out, she tells him that she hasn’t told her parents that they’re back together yet. Alex tells him that her parents aren’t very forgiving, but Dave insists that if he got over their wedding disaster, they did too. Alex’s dad comes over and it’s very clear they’re not over it yet. Alex tries to get Dave to tell her dad later, but it doesn’t go over well. He tells Dave it’s brave to be friends with Alex after he humiliated & embarrassed him. Her mom then asks Dave if he’s been dating, and Dave tells them he’s been dating lots. After some encouragement from Brad, Dave interrupts Jane’s speech to tell everyone he & Alex are dating.

Jane tries to figure out what she wants to say to her dad, and she decides she wants to do comedy. Alex tells her he never laughs at anything but Gallagher, but Jane is determined to craft the perfect joke for him. Jane consults Max in her quest to make the perfect joke, but he’s too hung on Penny to come up with much. Jane goes to the party and tries her dad’s joke on Brad first, but he doesn’t get it. When her dad comes over, Jane ditches Brad and leaves him with her dad. Brad tells Jane’s joke to break the ice and her dad loves it. Jane’s pissed so she decides to go with her back-up plan. Jane gives the beginning of her toast and then transforms into Gallagher and prepares to smash a watermelon. After Dave’s declaration, Jane continues with the bit and accidentally hits herself in the head with the mallet. After she wakes up, she finds her dad cracking up. Operation: Make Jane’s dad laugh was a success.

Max is starting to feel like the 5th wheel in the group, so he’s excited for Penny to tell everyone how her relationship with Pete is over. When Penny comes in to the bar, she tells everyone that she and Pete are doing great. Max tells Jane that he misses hanging out with Penny, then decides that he needs to break them up by finding someone who’s an even bigger mess than Penny to hang out with so she’ll be jealous. Meanwhile, Penny tells Dave that her relationship with Pete is different because she hasn’t had to write a list faults about him, like she does with all her boyfriends. Max tries to make Penny jealous by showing up with his new friend, Nicole (pronounced Nickel). Nicole blabs about her relationship problems, and instead of thinking that Max is trying to make her jealous, Penny thinks that Max thinks she’s a relationship guru now that she’s in a long relationship. After Penny sets up Nicole with Pete’s brother, Penny & Pete go back to her place. While he’s there, Pete finds a list of his faults, then leaves. After Penny explains to Max how she went after Pete and got a wardrobe malfunction, she starts to cry and says she really liked him. At the end of the episode, Max surprises Penny with Pete. Max got him there by explaining that her long list of flaws for him was actually a plus, because it means she really likes him. After Max reads his list of flaws, Pete apologizes to Penny for freaking out.

This week’s episode was my second favorite of this season so far. Jane’s storyline was hysterical and the Gallagher bit had me laughing up a storm. Penny’s storyline was fantastic, too. Also, it’s a little weird how Nick Zano keeps showing up in shows I recap. First 2 Broke Girls, then 90210, and now this show. Is the universe trying to tell me something? What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Favorite Lines:

Alex: “15 year old Mexican girls love Dave. They call him Vaquera Blanco De Fuego, The Fiery White Cowgirl”

Penny: “Spin class or chemistry class? It’s like Breaking Bad in here. Sit down. Let’s cook!”

Dave: “I’m all about that Canadian strange, eh?”

Penny: “Pete, I’m pregnant! I’m not! But I could be! We could sell it and live off the money!”

Next Week: No-Ho-Ho

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