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Hart of Dixie – Recap & Review – Snowflakes & Soulmates

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Hart of Dixie
Snowflakes & Soulmates

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2012

Alyssa Silva – Associate Staff Writer

Bluebell sure doesn’t like it when the weather changes. First there was the heat wave that made people act crazy, and now we have a snow day that triggers every superstitious bone in the local population. The residents believe that the snow brings bad luck and it certainly did. Mostly for Lavon Hayes though.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Zoe supposed to be the lead character?

Lavon Hayes doesn’t buy soulmates?

The bulk of the episode focused on Lavon’s efforts to save his parents marriage. With the help of DeeDee and Wade (it was heartwarming to see that Wade was, in fact, the Hayes’ ‘adopted’ son) the Mayor succeeds but after his mother rebuts his assertion that true love doesn’t exist, that people should settle for the one that’s attainable, Lavon ends his relationship with DeeDee.

Alright look, admittedly Lavon is one of my favourite supporting characters. Keyword supporting. It is nice to see his torment over Lemon but there is only so far this storyline can be stretched before it starts getting annoying. Lemon has moved on and Lavon should too, not slouch around moping for a woman who fully intends to get married to George. Inevitably Lavon and Lemon’s affair will come out, either before or during the wedding, but in the meantime please put away the cliched and corny “I friended my ex-boyfriend from high school” plot device. They could have at least have let his mother have an actual affair! Instead she “unfriended” him on Facebook. I know we shouldn’t expect much from this show, and that’s what makes it enjoyable for me, but Lavon’s parents should never have come to Bluebell for that.

George and Lemon

They didn’t elope. George realized on the steps of City Hall that he wanted the whole wedding circus, not getting hitched in front of strangers and in a place that for some reason smelled like pee.

Lemon though did seem to indicate to Lavon that him turning her away in December was the right thing after all – George and her have never been stronger, and it’s all thanks to the Mayor. Ouch.


Zoe’s Dad (the one that isn’t Harvey) continues to ignore his daughter, not even informing her that he’s currently residing back in New York. It broke my heart a little when Zoe found the Return to Sender package of macarons she sent her Dad for his birthday. The one thing I was looking forward to when this show started, and what drew me to it initially (aside from Wilson Bethel of course), was Zoe’s struggle between who she thought she was and who she’s supposed to be. Zoe’s grown up wanting to be a famous surgeon like her Dad, only to find out her real father has been the main reason her Dad has distanced himself from her. This should have been the A storyline, not relegated to bits and pieces, so that we could have really sunk our teeth into the conflict building inside of Zoe due to her Dad’s neglect. I’ve enjoyed the evolvement of Brick and Zoe’s relationship and the older man was right – it’s Dad’s loss for not wanting to be there for his daughter. One good thing that came out of the George/Lemon non-elopement was Zoe getting a glimpse into Brick and Lemon’s relationship, affording her a chance to see the way her Dad should be treating her.

Another positive development? Zoe and Wade have made up. Which means that the next episode better have a ton of Wade/Zoe (or Zade) moments to address the complete lack of the past few episodes!

What did you think of this episode? Did you think Lavon’s parents were given too much screen time? What do you think Wade will do now that he knows Judson wasn’t Zoe’s soulmate? Are you going to miss DeeDee? Give me your TwoCents below or over on Twitter!

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